Tonight we are going to continue our lead up to Christmas and I come with my Christmas wishes for you. You have been told many times how Christmas vibrations in the world change round about Christmas time and how, in the spirit world, we feel this change in vibrations too. We are also giving our contribution to the vibrations in your part of the world at this moment. This year it is somewhat different because there are so many changes going on in your world, so many sudden changes, that there is a tremendous amount of excitement and joy. We hope that the people affected do realise that they are going to have to put in a lot of hard work, otherwise they may loose the gains they have made. They must go slowly. There will be a lot of spirit workers in the coming year working in those areas of the world trying to influence those in power as well as the ordinary people. (Referring to the freedom movements in Europe) At the moment we know that the ordinary people are making tremendous challenges to their leaders and so all through those societies, guidance and patience will be needed in the new year, and I want you to know that there will be a lot of us on this side, working with them, trying to influence them, and to give them the right energy. They are not out of the wood yet, but it is a tremendously exciting and very promising time. And I also wish to repeat, as you have been told, that it is very important at the moment to watch your thoughts, what you are thinking about, and if you find yourself with negative thoughts towards someone or something, very quickly replace them with positive thoughts and make sure that those thoughts are stronger than the previous ones. Hold onto those positive thoughts for as long as you possibly can. In my country, at this time of the year, just before Christmas, we celebrate a Light Festival, and this is what I want you to do tonight. I would like you, for a few moments, to think of yourselves as being surrounded by a very special ball of light. I don't mind what sort of symbol you use as long as it involves light and the giving of light. Put yourself in the centre of that light and choose for yourself a nice, bright, clear colour and make your light that colour. I will leave it up to you to choose, because each of you will know within yourselves what is the best colour for you. So, just see what colour comes to mind. Build up that light around you.

(Several minutes pause. Then after a few moments general chatter Verna explained.)

What we are finding is that the vibrations are especially building up in the Halls of Learning and becoming like a great mountain over them. And when its actually Christmas Day, we are all going to congregate there, and we are all going to enjoy those vibrations. Of course, we are going to have a very much longer Christmas Day than you. Christmas Day lasts for a long time when you consider the whole world. It starts in one place and goes around so we get more than you. This is what makes Christmas so nice, it lasts such a long time. The other festivals are sort of concentrated in one place, Christmas is spread all round the planet, so we get more of it.

 I am going to leave you now to let someone else come through. Good-bye and a happy Christmas.

Ah-So's Christmas Message.

It is some time since I have been through to you. I, too, am coming with my Christmas gifts to you. Now you may wonder what is the link for me, a follower of Lao-tzu and Christmas time. Well, both the founders of our religions were fully realized masters, and if you remember the teachings about the Godness you will realize that they must have been the same. Because while they were incarnate they still had the link with Godness, and at that level everyone is the same. And you have your legends that Jesus was conceived from the Holy Ghost, and we have our legends that Lao-tzu was conceived from a star. So, I too, can join in your Christmas time, because of these similarities. While I have been over here I have been developing very much more the feeling of love. When I was in your world I made the mistake of concentrating on exercises and thought. And now I have been concentrating on love and acceptance of all beings. You will find that talk of love always comes true, it is because it is a very important thing. You may ask "What kind of love?" We have different kinds of love, the English language is actually very deficient in the terms for love, some languages have many more terms. Some European languages have many terms for the word 'love'. So, what do we mean by 'love'? We use the word because it is the only word we can use. It is more the abstract idea of love, you may also call it, if you wish, acceptance, because that is very much involved in our concept of love. Love will never judge, it will never condemn, it will accept everyone. But in your language the word 'love' has a different connotation to the word 'acceptance'. It is an more of emotion, of a feeling. But the idealised kind of love is also a state of mind. Now, I am spending many words trying to describe the indescribable. I realise this, but what else can I do. I can let you feel it. Now, Verna has already done this with you tonight, I am not going to repeat it. But I am going to give you my gift and I would like you to hold out your hands - like this (showing). Now, in each hand I am going to place a lighted candle, and it is going to burn for you until the New Year. And after that you are still going to feel its warmth, and THAT will remind you of love. So a moment please, and I will give each of you your candle. Feel the weight of it in your hand. Feel the warmth of them on your face and the gently perfumed smoke rising. And as it rises it will take away all negative thoughts. As they rise they are transformed into positive thoughts. And as they rise so they draw into you beautiful positive feelings of love and warmth. I ask you please, during the coming days when you have your meditation, meditate on my candles in your hands. And when you think of me, will you also, please, send your love to my country, it needs it very badly.

I will be spending most of my Christmas time in my country, working there with those disappointed young souls, to try to encourage and sustain them. Their darkness will not be lifted yet. But eventually it will be lifted. You see, everything in your world is changing and so the change will come there too. But we must encourage the people there so that they do not become downcast. So I will say Good-night to you.

Wung-Lo's Christmas Message.

My name is Wung-Lo, it is a very long time since I last spoke with you. I have been working with this medium in other ways, it has not been necessary for me to come through to speak with you because of this. I, too, am bringing you greetings from my land, Tibet. For the Buddha in all his manifestations is also one with the Jesus whom you celebrate at this time. There are many ways of worshipping the one, I have chosen one way. I am now progressing onwards from that way. In your material world each religion emphasises one aspect of worship of the Godness, and when you come over here you will find many other aspects which you have forgotten or ignored while you were in your material body. I am learning very much the outgoingness to other people, to reach out to people who are placing too much emphasis on the within. You do need both, but the path I trod placed TOO much emphasis on the within. I feel that in your society you place to much emphasis on the without. Don't forget the within. It can give you very much more than the without, but you still need both. We keep repeating this because it is necessary to bring it through to you. We keep reminding you. So you must forgive us if we become very repetitive. I will not stay long with you tonight, but I, too, am bringing each one of you a gift. And my gift to you is a bird. As you open your hand the bird flies free, and that is what I wish for your souls, freedom to fly and to bring the memory of your experiences back into the material world. You may picture your bird any way you wish because that, too, will symbolise your inner life, your inner soul, which you are going to free. The process of freedom may not be so sudden and dramatic as just opening the hands, but you are doing it. Don't worry about the back slidings, over all there will be a gain for it. My country was very mountainous, when you stand on the valley floor, all you can see around are high mountains. But some birds can fly over those mountains. This, I think, is how your life seems to you at times - you are hedged in by mountains. Be like the bird, fly over them. Your little bird will fly, but it will also come back to you, freely, of its own will. So let it nestle on your shoulder until it flies away again. And now, to all of you, I will bid Good-night.

Anderson's Christmas Message.

Anderson: My name's Anderson. I wanted to tell you - we've got our medium.

Guy: He's just been born?

Anderson: Not quite born yet.

Pat: Conceived?

Anderson: Mm mm. Yes. And he's in America and its going to be a young man. Got it all organised.

Pat: How many of them are you?

Anderson: There's still only the four of us. But we decided we would start off with us four, and we are willing to take on more if somebody wants to join us. You see, this is the first time we have been guides. Our guides are going to act as guides to his guides - if you get the idea. We are not going to be left on our own to muck things up.

Georgina: As if you would anyway. I don't believe it.

Anderson: Oh, you never know, you never know.

Gina: Anderson's quite a dab hand at anything.

Anderson: Oh, yes, oh, yes. So we've got that sorted out and - erm - I've been helping more people over here, because we don't have to hang around our medium all the time, you see. So we've just left one of us there to keep an eye on him, and to sort of have a few little chats and work out a few things. At the moment he is very keen to do some proper work. So I expect in the future I will be very busy. Oh, yes, he's quite keen about it, he is. He said: Well, he'd heard about this sort of thing in his previous life, but he then wouldn't have any truck with that sort of thing, you see. But this time he thought well, you know, he's learned a thing or two, and now he is all ready and raring to go.

Angie: When medium's or people with clairvoyance are born, have they developed that ability in a previous earth existence or can it be developed in Spirit?

Anderson: It can certainly be developed in Spirit. You don't HAVE to have had anything to do with it in a previous life. I mean, you don't HAVE to have had a previous life anyway. So, anyway, this young man said he had hear about it and he felt, he decided he wanted to have a few more material experiences. So, we said: Right, it looks as though we are now ready to start doing something a bit more spiritual. So, there we are.

Guy: What was he in his previous life?

Anderson: (Importantly) He was Irish.

Guy: Sufficient answer!

Anderson: That's right. He was Catholic and he lived in Dublin. And he was a man ...

Pat: And he died of old age?

Anderson: No. He wasn't all that old when he died. He was in his fifties, and it was in your terms, about 30 odd years ago. So, you know, he is quite keen to work out some more material things, and have a few of the material things in life that he didn't have before. So we said, Oh, well, all right, we'll get to work. So I thought I'd just call in and let you know the good news.

Georgina: Thanks for dropping by.

Anderson: And wish you all a Merry Christmas. And enjoy those Christmas puddings and things while you can. It will be difficult when you come over here.

Pat: Verna says we can't eat too much.

Anderson: Oh, yes, but you enjoy what you DO eat. Because when you come over here, you see, its a diet of spiritual light.

Pat: I see, not quite so tasty, eh?

Anderson: It's very tasty.

Pat: More mental than physical? Something is missing.

Anderson: Think about it.

Pat: Sugar and eggs.

Guy: I thought you could have puddings there, as much as you like.

Anderson: You sort of think that you do, you see. You put your pudding in front of you, and you can eat every bit of it, but its not QUITE the same somehow. It doesn't have the substance in it somehow, you know? So, erm, so we sort of have this spiritual light. But, I've got a few of me relatives together, and what we're going to do, Christmas Day - London Christmas Day mind, not your Christmas Day - we're going to sit down and open presents and pull crackers.

Pat: Lovely. Be sure to wear your paper hat.

Anderson: Sure will. Yes, we've got it all worked out. And they're going to be shiny crackers and they're going to have a sprig of holly on.

Pat: Oh, very pretty.

Anderson: Yes, and we're all going to have a present in the crackers. And I'm busy thinking up the jokes to put in them.

Pat: Are you having all the trimmings, then?

Anderson: Yes, yes. We're going to have the Christmas decorations up. And Christmas cards, we're going to have Christmas cards from everybody, so I've got to think up my designs. Its rather good over here, you see, because you don't have to go and buy these things, you don't even have to put them up, you just picture them. So I'm trying to think what I'm going to put on my Christmas cards, because I want everybody to have a different Christmas Card. And there are rather a lot of people.

Pat: You can always look over a few shoulders down here and get a few ideas.

Georgina: You could have one Christmas card with one Christmas tree, and another with two Christmas trees, and another with three Christmas trees ...

Anderson: I want to be a bit more original than that.

Georgina: You could put a bird on the bough ...

Anderson: True, true.

Georgina: It's just a start.

Anderson: I might start off that way. We'll just have to see how we go. And, of course, they don't get made of paper.

Pat: What are you going to make them of?

Anderson: Light.

Pat: What's it going to look like, the same old thing in the end?

Georgina: Oh, no. They'll look wonderful.

Anderson: And you can have them all sparkling, you see. You can even have them all moving.

Georgina: You can have musical ones too.

Anderson: Good idea, hadn't thought of that.

Georgina: Forget the Christmas trees.

Pat: You wouldn't have to worry about sparklers would you?

Anderson: Oh, no, no. We just flick our fingers and sparkles come out.

Georgina: You could scent them too?

Pat: Oh, yes, a whole laboratory. Your thoughts would be picked up nicely, but that would be like writing on them.

Anderson: Yes, you do have to be a bit careful with your thoughts. Because that's how we communicate, you see. And If you're thinking something that you don't want anybody to know about, then you close down a bit. But you've got to watch some of them advanced souls, they are very clever.

Pat: Don't you ruin a few surprises that way?

Anderson: You do, I can assure you. But, you know, most of the people at least where I am, they just accept you. They say "Oh, yeah, yeah. Hello." This is what its like on my side you see. Even if they pick up this sort of thing they can put their way of thinking to it and you understand each other better. Yes. Yes. So, its a lot easier in many ways over here. Emm. I haven't been travelling about very much lately because we've had so many confabs about this 'ere medium of ours. His parents are still arguing over his name. The trouble is that they don't know yet it's a he.

Pat: No ultra sound?

Anderson: No, no. I don't think they've had that. Sounds very nasty, it does.

Pat: No, no. Its quite gentle.

Anderson: It still sounds nasty.

Pat: Its like jelly on your tummy and rolling in it. (General laughter at the expression on Anderson's face.)

Anderson: What a place to put jelly!

Pat: Its so they can see inside.

Anderson: They want to see inside people?

Pat: Well, that's how they figure out whether its a boy or a girl. Before it's born.

Anderson: Take your word for it. Anyway, they don't know so there's a fine old argument going on over the names. Anyway, that's their problem.

Georgina: You don't help in that?

Anderson: No. We don't really mind, you see. What goes on in the person, that's the main thing.

Guy: Do the parents' guides also have a say in the matter?

Anderson: In which matter precisely?

Guy: Well, in their child being a medium, and that.

Anderson: Oh, well, they're quite happy about it. They're more interested in the parents.

Guy: Are the parents that way inclined too?

Anderson: Not at the moment. They're going to be in for a few shocks.

Pat: Might do them good!

Anderson: Yes. You see, in a way we're also going to be opening them up to their guides. Yes, we're going to try to. We'll just have to see how it goes. Could have a bit of ingenuity called for there.

Pat: Won't be beyond your powers.

Anderson: Of course not.! Anyway, I'm going to give you all Christmas wishes, and I'm going to give you all a sweet. They are sitting here in front of you on a nice silver plate, so each of you can take one.

Georgina: You know the way to a girl's heart, Anderson.

Anderson: She's spied me out.

Pat: Well, there's something for you too.

Anderson: So, these sweets are designed to give you spiritual substance in the coming days.

Pat: Can we take more than one?

Anderson: No. One's going to be quite enough, otherwise you will get spiritual indigestion. You see, these are meant to work on you from the inside out, the other ones have been working from the outside in.

Pat: Do they help with indigestion?

Anderson: If you eat them properly, you won't get it!

Pat: Physical indigestion.

Anderson: Doesn't have anything to do with that. I'm going to start getting serious about my responsibilities now.

Pat: Have a cigar for Christmas then.

Anderson: No, never liked them things. Didn't like the smell of them. No, I'll see what I get out of my cracker.

Pat: A couple of good jokes.

Anderson: Yes, I've got to put the jokes in 'em. They said I was the one to write the jokes. I just hope some of them lot doing the decorating do it proper. Anyway, I've been told I'd better leave for tonight, I was only supposed to have a short visit. So, you can take your sweets and you can eat them on Christmas Day.

Pat: Thank you.

Anderson: You've got to wait till then. Otherwise they won't work. They're special.

Georgina: You have put a spell on them!

Anderson: Charmed, I'm sure. So, good night, everyone, and happy Christmas.

All: Good-night. Happy Christmas.

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