I want tonight to talk some more about rescues. It is our hope that eventually we will have a book about rescues and so tonight we are going to talk about conducting rescues. We have previously talked about organising rescues from our side and we thought it was time we talked about performing rescues from your side.

Let us start from the point at which we have the entity in the medium. Usually there are some difficulties in controlling the body. This may manifest in different ways. You may have someone who practices moving parts of the medium's body, such as hands and arms, and so forth. Or you may have someone who is having trouble with the throat - such as coughing, gasping in some way. During this first period you should be encouraging the entity. Assure the entity that he or she is welcome and that you would like to talk to them. But do not keep on talking, one or two sentences is sufficient, then break and wait and see what the entity does, how the entity responds. As the entity starts attempting to speak or make sounds, re-assure them that they are doing very well. If they seem to be tensing or arching the medium's body or doing things which you fear may harm the medium, such as perhaps, violent head shaking or throwing the body around in some way, the entity should be told to relax, to breathe deeply. If you suggest that they are going through a death experience, tell them that experience is past. Speak calmly and be re-assuring, emphasising relaxation and taking things gently.

When the entity starts talking, the first task is to find out what the entity's situation is. Usually they are remembering or even re-experiencing the condition of the death. It is your task to get the entity to tell you about themselves. I am emphasising ENCOURAGE, do not insist. One of the question usually asked is: "What is your name?" If the entity does not readily give a name, he may have forgotten it, and it may cause them to become confused and dismayed if you keep on insisting to know what their name is.

I think I am trying to ask you to "go" with the entity in this first part of the rescue. Accept what they say, do not interrupt, if the entity takes his or her time.

The major task you have when they start to talk is to get on a friendly wave-length. This is done mainly by accepting, and this is very important; accept the situation in which the entity says that he is in. Then you can start to try to find out what is the problem. Asking them straight out is seldom effective, and at this point you will have to, as you say, "play it by ear". It will vary a lot with the different entities that come through, so much so that it is difficult to give any real hard and fast rule, but if you sense that the entity is getting upset about something, back off a little, do not push that point immediately. Go back to a safer part and then try again. The point of distress will often have something to do with the reason for the rescue. But if it is another situation where they can't remember, do not push them. Go gently with them. Allow them plenty of time. If they want to pause, allow them to do so. Do not insist on immediate answers, they may want to think about what you have said, they may want to work something out before speaking about it, they may even be weighing up whether they want to tell you about it, and remember that is their prerogative. When you can discern what the problem is, then you can start to talk about that problem. Keep accepting the situation in which the entity is in. Do not dismiss all in one go what they say is happening to them. Take it step by step. You here already know some of the steps to take, but for the purpose of our book, we will re-iterate them.

One useful line is to ask if they know that they are dead. From this you can start picking up illogicalities. What is happening, does what the entity thinks is happening fit in? Very often entities will be reliving their life situation, and they may (for instance) go shopping. Ask them, if their money is taken. The money is very seldom being taken because the shop assistants do not know that it is there, point this out to them.

Another one, if it doesn't happen spontaneously is to get the entity to feel the body in which they are. This can sometimes produce some alarm - a man finding himself in a woman's body or a woman discovering she has a man's beard - she may need a bit of re-assurance that everything is all right and that the body is merely being lent to them. Another major cause of rescues is dying with pre-conceived ideas of what to expect after death. Amongst the most difficult of these are those people who firmly believed they are going to sleep until the last "trump". They die with that belief, because that was taught to them in life. They have virtually put themselves to sleep and won't listen, won't accept anything else. They won't listen to us, and so we will have to bring them into a body so that they can feel that there is a difference between what they were experiencing and the feeling of being in a body.

Other preconceptions are that they are going to sit on a cloud and wear a white nightie or have huge wings on their back. There are quite a few people who do believe that. We are glad to say that the number is diminishing but it is till around.

Then, there is the preconception that they will be in a life such as on earth and that that is all there is to it. That they will perhaps have a house to look after and fields to farm and perhaps other such activities. Entities can get locked into these behaviours so much that they will not look up and see that something different is possible. When you first come over to us, you can build your own reality in a much greater way than you can in your world - you only have to think of what you want and there it is. People can get very carried away with this - it can be very pleasant, think of all the beautiful jewels, extravagant houses and trips that you can go on. So you may have to try to get the entity to see that there is something more than this - but that is only the first step.

Then there are those entities who believe that on earth they have been extremely wicked, and they can be expecting to be cast into a fiery furnace and they may even believe that they are in one, and you will have to re-assure them of God's love even for them. There are those who believe that God is going to judge them, and so they are waiting for God to come and pronounce judgement on them. When they think over their own life, they just keep seeing it, like on a screen. They are rehearsing it for the judgement, and do not realise that they are the ones to do the judging.

Allied with this is the difficulty when the entity believes that they have to punish themselves. There are those who firmly believe that they must re-incarnate. These are only some of the illusions of which you will have to, shall we say, divest people of, to remove them. You will have to enlighten them. Remember, the entities that you will be dealing with have not yet progressed much beyond what they were when they were in your material world. And so approaches which are appropriate to people in your material world will still be appropriate for them.

The major one is acceptance first, look for feelings and accept those feelings. Once you have established a good rapport with the entity, then you can start working to remove their mis-conceptions. You can confront them with the differences and illogicalities in the state in which they find themselves. Then you can talk to them about other things. If the entity is one who realises that they are dead, talk about the surroundings in which they find themselves. If they think they have limitations then at first accept those limitations. Then, perhaps, take someone who has been deformed when on earth. You can get them to look at their spiritual body. Now you may get someone who still sees that spiritual body as deformed, and this is a very strong belief which will be quite difficult to remove. Keep trying to get the person to imagine a whole healthy body. Just emphasise to them that they imagine it. Once you can get them to imagine it, they will see their body become whole. Now for a while, when they cease that imagining they will slip back to their deformed body they are used to, and so you may have to get them to do it again, until you can get them to see that it is their thought concept that is governing the body in which they see they are.

Now when they are locked in to certain behaviour, to certain activities, you can start talking about other things about them that are available. Talk to them about the Halls of Learning. Talk to them about meeting other spirits, seeing if there is someone who needs help. You can talk to them about the work of helping their loved ones who are still in the material world. You may talk to them about working with spirits who have come here with some difficulty. We may mention blindness as a difficult situation, we may mention the drug addicts. We may also mention deformed people who come, they will often need help from other spirits. We are talking at the moment about deformed people who are not rescue cases, they will need help from other spirits to overcome this concept that they have of their deformity. People who have suffered the deformity and have conquered it in the spirit world can help in this area very much.

I am getting Artie coming in.

(Pause. Then a different tone of voice and manner of behaviour)

Artie: When a deformed entity is trying to produce that deformity in the medium's body there can be great distress on both sides. Direct to that person all the love of which you are capable. They are badly in need of it.

This is different to what I am used to. (He was speaking with some difficulty.) We are trying very hard. (Pause. He seemed very distressed) In early years of life we often have great difficulties to put up with and this affects our whole attitude during the rest of our lives. And we often carry the feeling of rejection over with us into spirit. You see, we even reject ourselves. It is difficult to accept a body which is deformed and unlike others. We see that brief flash of horror on people's faces when they see us for the first time; we see the mask that people need to have to prevent that again, or we see pity. What we need is acceptance and love, please give us that. We do not ask for pity - just acceptance and to be treated as another human being. We know that this is often difficult for other people, but when we pass into spirit, when we come through to you, give it to us.

(Artie then left and Verna returned.)

Those words can apply to many other cases. To give love and acceptance to someone who has difficulty accepting deeds that they have done on earth will, indeed, release them. Accept what they have done in a gentle loving manner, do not be judgemental. They have judged themselves so much.

The last part of the rescue will be when they are starting to turn towards the high spiritual realms. Now you may feel, at this point, that you have succeeded, you have got the entity out of whatever was bothering him and they are moving onwards. Do not, at this point, go back to asking questions about their material world. When they are moving up to the spiritual direction, go with them in that direction, don't bring them back to remembering the material things. That can cause a sort of jolt to the entity and they can lose the direction, at least momentarily, in which they were going. So once you have got the entity accepting the spiritual world and breaking out of the conditions that caused the rescue, don't take him back to those conditions, no matter how tempting it is for you to try to get some information which you may be able to check. Your prime duty and interest is getting that entity to progress on into spiritual matters. We understand it is very exciting to get something which you my be able to check, but that is of secondary importance to helping the entity progress on. One of the, perhaps we should say, orthodox, tricks of getting entities to realise that they are in the spirit world is to ask them to look around and see if they can see anyone there whom they recognise and who has died before them. Usually, the parents are good people to mention, especially in adults. In children, very often the parents are still in the material world, so when you realise you have a child, suggest grand-parents or try aunts and uncles, or even pets. Pets will welcome you when you come on this side, so see if the child had a pet which has died and ask them if they can see that pet. In some cases seeing the pet is even more liberating than seeing a person, especially for a child, because animals accept their owners as they are, they are not judgemental. And after all, parents may be very judgemental to their child. They need to correct their children so that they will behave properly in the society in which they have been born. Children must be taught certain abilities and skills to enable them to lead a useful life in the material world. And so children will often be corrected, moulded or even punished by their parents. But pets accept you and so a pet can very often be a much more powerful releaser in a rescue, even than parents. You also have the problem of when relationships between the child and the parents have not been good, perhaps there has been an abusive parent, or perhaps the child was abandoned. If you have the case of a child who was abandoned when in the material world, there is bound to be some resentment towards the mother. Try to overcome that resentment. Explain the difficulties that the mother may have been in, explain that the mother probably loved the child but for material reasons was unable to care for the child. Try to get over that resentment and get the child to accept the mother. You could see some very wonderful reunions if that is ever an expect of a rescue. Getting someone to forgive an old hurt is a very rewarding experience, and remember that you may have to get them to forgive themselves as well as other people. But do it gently, do not try to overwhelm the entities into taking what you believe is right, remember you have to go gently with them. You have to guide them, not push them. You will always know when the entity is progressing on into the spiritual direction - their facial expression will tell you. When you can see an expression of joy or calmness, you will know that you have succeeded. And if that entity wishes to talk about what they are experiencing at that moment then allow them to do so. But make sure that at the end, the entity is leaving and going with the spirits who are there to welcome it. Make sure the entity knows that there are guides and people waiting to help and that he or she is going with them. Rescue work is one of the most rewarding in circle work. Not all circles do it. There is so much that we want to bring through to you, that we cannot do rescues as often as you would like, or even as often as we feel is needed. Many souls come to this side and need rescues, and we are always pleased when there is someone still in the material world who can help in this way. Bringing a rescue through a circle can often be much quicker than the way we work from this side, because those screens which people can set around themselves can be very difficult to break. But the almost shock of being in a material body again can really bring an entity out of these set screens and ideas that they have. It forces them to listen to what the sitters have to say, whereas when we are working with them, they can still shut us out. I am sure you know people in your material world who just don't hear things - who don't want to hear. You know the saying 'None so deaf as those who don't want to hear'. It applies on this side too. But the shock of being pushed into a material body can very quickly break that down, so that the entity has to listen to what you have to say to them. And then it is up to you to use your common sense and, possibly, inspiration from your people. We hope that these words will help to give you a guide in conducting rescues. Remember to watch for the three stages - the stage of coming into the material body, gaining control over it; the stage of talking of the situation in which they are in; and then the stage of discovering that there is more to see, that there is more to experience and lead them up to that. And when you have them there, leave them there. Do not drop back to one of the previous stages.


Go gently with your rescues and we pray that God will be with you in this work.


Artie is one of the entities who come through the medium under whom I developed. In his material life he had been badly deformed as a result of boiling water being poured over him when he was a very young child so that he would be a more effective beggar. Consequently, he could not walk or talk. he first came through as a rescue and had great trouble speaking, he became a regular "visitor" and over the years his speech gradually improved. When he spoke through me his speech was very laboured but much better than I had ever heard him before. There was a tremendous amount of emotion while he spoke and this was something which had not come across before.

Guy's Comment.

He sounded at times almost tearful, hardly able to control his feelings. A real heart-cry for sympathy for the disabled.

Therese's Comment.

In the very beginning when I felt the entity coming through there was a warm smile (on the face of the medium), eager to come. Yet there were difficulties to overcome. I had the urge to welcome the entity into our group as a friend. To encourage, to help to overcome the obstacles. I did it mentally only.

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