Valerie: Tonight they have chosen the topic of developing your spiritual gifts.

The first thing to consider is why you should develop your gifts. The first reason is to strengthen the link that we talked about last week, the link between the Spirit World and the material world. It is like any skill - if you don't use it, it will fade, you will lose the skill. And the link needs to be strengthened in order for the two worlds to work together for the progress and benefit of mankind.With the tremendous emphasis on the material conditions, material goods and activities, the extra benefit that working with the Spirit World can give, is being lost. And so the conditions in the earth are not what they should, or could, be. When the link between the Spirit World and the material world is strengthened, the Spirit World will be much better able to help the material world, to manifest the more suitable conditions that are in the Spirit World, on the earth.The second reason for developing your spiritual gifts is to benefit yourself. The strengthening of the link not only works in the greater world sphere, it works more particularly and more noticeably in the individual sphere, in your own life and well-being. Strengthening the link means that your own helpers and guides can help you manifest the things that are necessary for you in this life. There are often obstacles to developing your gifts, and very often these are the material conditions around you. Sometimes your gifts cannot be developed until you have been through certain experiences.The two aspects - the material and the spiritual - work in conjunction. You may feel that it is impossible for you at the moment to work on your spiritual gifts. In reality the experiences you are going through are affecting your spiritual gifts. So even if you cannot bring them into actual manifestation, work is being done that will enable them to blossom sometime in the future. So be patient, if you think that material conditions are against the development of whatever gifts you may have.

Sometimes the development seems to be very slow, other times it can be quite rapid. Be patient, the slow developing of gifts means that they will be built on a solid foundation. Fast development merely means that the link was stronger for that person. Be content with your own development. Don't wish for speedy development if yours is proceeding slowly. Do not delay your development if it is going quickly.We feel that if active work on developing your gifts will cause severe emotional upset around you, with possible resentment, it is better not to actively work on development. The emotional upheaval and resentment and other negative thoughts can work against you. You need calm conditions for optimum development. You will not have calmness around you if you are upsetting others. Work through your material conditions first. For some people this life was not intended for them to develop their spiritual gifts. For everyone has some sort of link with the Spirit World, therefore, everyone has some sort of a gift. But you may have incarnated with the intention, not to work through your spiritual gifts but to concentrate on your material conditions by physically, perhaps, serving others, caring for others. Some people do wish to serve other people in an active physical way. And this is the path they have decided for this life and that should be accepted.How do you know what your gifts are?

You will usually have some inclination towards a particular activity. You must learn first to listen to your inner heart of hearts. That is the first step. The first step is to practice calmness, so that you can listen to your own inner stirring. You may need to try different methods of achieving that calmness. We are not going to actively recommend any one particular method - they are all beneficial, they all work for some people. You must try and find to suits you.Breathing does, however, seem to be important in most methods, and we are suggesting that when we finish talking, which will not be very long, you play a tape with some breathing exercises on it. Try them out and see if they suit you.

You should also try the different types of gifts. You can try clairvoyance, or healing, or automatic writing, whatever you feel like. Try all, see what is comfortable for you. See which you feel you are most successful at.

The gifts that you desire will not always be the one that you have. In this case it may be your conscious mind which is suggesting the desire and not your inner heart of hearts.

The next step is to try it and keep on trying. Set aside a time each day when you are going to practice your gift. If it is something like healing in which you need other people, then you can try absent healing. For clairvoyance you may do something like, say concentrating on a person. See if you can pick up what they are doing, or wearing. It is a good idea to pick someone with whom you can talk about these things and then it will be more easy for you to check out with them. Unless, of course, it is some who feels, thank you very much, I would rather not have some checking on what I am doing.

The one thing you must not practice by yourself is any sort of trance work. This especially must not be practised when you go to bed at night. The reason for this is, (that) if you go into trance after you go to bed and fall asleep, any entity which has come into you will have the opportunity to stays there all night while you are asleep, and it then become much harder to dislodge them in the morning. One of the most dramatic gifts is astral travelling. For some people this can be frightening and they should not practice it. But it is possible by this means to bring back to the material world messages or descriptions of the other side, and sometimes it is possible to travel about your own world. So you can come back and tell others what has been happening at a distance.

It is best when developing your gifts to try to do it in a manner which you can use to help other people. Do not use it just for your own aggrandisement. The desire must always be for good to others. Often we on this side are distressed because we wish to contact our loved ones on the earth to let them know that we are here, to comfort the mourners, to take away their fear of death and the beyond. Every time a spiritual gift is practised you make it easier for us to do this and you can relieve some distress on this side as well as on your side.

(There was a long pause of about two minutes.)

We are building up much love around you. It is forming a circle to protect each of you and to strengthen you. The energy is now going right up the centre.

Does anyone want to ask a question?

Nila: What does it mean if you have green coming from the power chakra?

Verna: Green brings growth energy. Can you see green in your own power chakra?

Nila: I'm not sure. I've been told there is.

Verna: As far as I can ascertain it is the growing, the strengthening, developing aspect. Colours are important, they are merely vibrations and vibrations can affect people. They can affect the cells and atoms in the body and through this, the mind and emotions of the person. You must be very careful of the colours around you. Pastels are good, they are gentle and calming. Strong colours are most vibrant and disturbing.

Garry: Are there such things as dark or anti-life forces in existence? If so, what measures can be taken to ward them off or dispel them?

Verna: We are told there is only one force, but it can be used in different ways. If you feel the force is being used against you negatively, concentrate on drawing light into you through the top of the head, so it can go straight down the spine and outwards into your body. If you think there is a specific direction against you, you can build this light up so that it forms an egg-shape around you. So the light is coming in and out all around the body forming a protective egg-shape. The light pictured should be golden, something like the sun, that type of colour. Does that answer your question?

Garry: Yes, thank you.

Verna: You can also use that light to project to others, especially those who are closest to you. Because you already have a certain link with them it is easier to direct the light to them. But it does not hurt to try directing the light to people who are not so closely related to you. And, as you would expect, the more you practise that, the better you will be able to do it. This is one of the ways in which healing abilities can develop, especially absent healing.

Guy: The process would be something like imagining the light entering through the top of the head as before and mentally sending it towards that person enveloping them?

Verna: Yes. It doesn't really matter if you picture the light coming from any particular part of your body. Most people find it easier to picture it coming from the third eye, but you don't really HAVE to do that. Do it if you feel happier that way. Some people may find it useful you know, to picture it coming from the whole length of the body and out into a funnel shape. Do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Nila: Is it all right to use it to heal parts of yourself?

Verna: Yes. You picture the light coming in, concentrate on the part and the light will go there. Would now like to practise that for a few minutes?

(Verna took gradual control during this talk and I am not certain at which point she fully manifested.)

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