(The evening started with a longer than usual meditation and then each sitter sat on the stool in the centre while energy was directed to them.)


I should first explain what we have been doing tonight. We decided that tonight should be what we could call an 'Aura Night', and we have been working on your aura. The beginning meditation with the golden light going round you was specifically designed to try to strengthen your auras, and thereby to give you protection from any unwanted spirit influences. We don't really feel that any of you are at any particular risk in this respect, but we feel that it doesn't hurt to strengthen your aura, sometimes at least. And then we wanted to remind you about the exercise of feeling the energy in your hands. We haven't done this with you for quite a while and we wanted to remind you about it, and perhaps teach the newcomers the technique.

What we were hoping you would be feeling is some sort of energy flow in your hands. This can manifest in different ways, but a very typical one is to almost feel something solid, physical, between your hands when you were 'bouncing' them. Other people may feel a prickling or tingling, or almost any sort of feeling.

You can use this energy flow to heal yourselves if you are not well in some respect. You start by feeling it in your hands and then direct it to some other part of the body where you wish it to go. Sometimes people need practice to actually feel the energy somewhere else, but it will usually go to some part of your body just by you wanting it to, even though you may not actually feel it going there. Sometimes it will take practice to feel that. It is usually easier to feel it in your hands because you use your hands so much during the day in doing things. So you have a stronger connection between your hands and the neural pathways. It is much stronger than in other parts of the body. And you also have this concept of the laying on of hands giving the healing from one person to another. This is why you usually feel it first, or stronger perhaps, in your hands. Then we thought that by sitting you, in turn, on the stool we would be giving you practice in directing energy to someone else. And this is helping to strengthen the link between spirit, so the energy will begin to flow more strongly, more directly through, and out of, your hands to someone else. The desire to give something to someone else is always beneficial, and will attract to you a quantity of what you are trying to give to the other person. This is one reason why you must watch your thoughts, and try always to have a loving attitude towards other people. We know that it is very difficult to maintain this in all circumstances. But if you can do it as we ask, think of someone whom you dislike, and send them that love quite deliberately, even for a few moments. It will help you deal with that situation or person.

This approach can be used, not only with individuals but with areas. For instance, if you know there is a place on one of your roads which seems to be particularly accident prone, do this technique regularly, by concentrating on that area. The vibrations round that area should then be calmer, more peaceful, and so people approaching there will also be calmer. And perhaps then they won't be so impatient, or careless, or agitated and we hope the accident rate will drop at that spot.

You might also, if you wish, use it to try to lower the crime rate perhaps in a city or a particular area of a city. Your own city being the centre of government of your country, might perhaps particularly benefit from this technique. You might like to concentrate perhaps on your parliament house. If you would like to direct it more generally in your city, perhaps concentrating on something like the tower (Black Mountain Tower). Because that tower is broadcasting radio waves around your city, and your waves of peace and love will be broadcast with them, and so be spread out.

We also suggest that if you acquire something, whether it is new or second-hand, again put these vibrations of peace and love around it, and it should work better for you.

Another thing which we have in mind with tonight's proceedings is to give you sitters something particularly for yourselves. So that you who come to the evening may feel that you ARE contributing to the proceedings. And you may also like to use this technique in the circle, particularly if you think the energy is low. It would also be particularly beneficial when you have a rescue session. We wanted to give you each something of your very own that you might be able to practice in order to bring more beneficial conditions in your world.

You may, if you wish, just concentrate on your immediate surroundings and people, or you may apply it to a much bigger area of your world. It doesn't matter, even if you are only improving one small area, you are contributing to improving the whole. Sometimes it is easier for those of you who are in a body to concentrate on just a small area, because it is something that is easier to conceptualise, and therefore, you may be more effective in that. But if you feel happy to take a broader perspective by all means do so. It is very much an individual matter.

Is there any point which any of you would like us to discuss further?

(Several people described their sensations when they were sitting in the centre. But there were no questions or further comments. Verna stayed in a meditative state for some minutes before gently leaving.)

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