A short talk given at a development circle as a visiting medium.

It is very kind of you to invite us here tonight. I am very often very shy when I first come through. My name is Verna and when I was in the material world, I lived in that country you call Sweden. I have been working with this medium for a few years now, and we have been able to channel through quite a lot of information from us. Some of it is quite difficult for you to understand, because our world and our concepts are so different from yours. Sometimes we feel that we don't succeed very well, because conditions over here are so very different to your material world.

Tonight the medium has specifically asked that I talk to you about mediumship. She said for a few minutes. I don't quite know how we can pack it all into a few minutes, but we will do our best to give you a few basics.

If you think of the universe and try to put things in an order, you will find that mankind is at a level that is half way between the material world and the Spirit World. Mediums are people who are incarnated from a higher level of the Spirit World, and have a better link with the Spirit World than most people.

Everyone has some sort of a spiritual gift - but not all of you are going to develop that gift during the material life. It depends on the purpose you adopted before you were born, the broad outline you agreed upon, to work through while on earth.

A medium is one with this stronger link between the two worlds - I do not mean to imply that a medium is necessarily a better person than anyone else. You all have good points, you all have points about yourself which you consider to be deficits. As was said on the tape you were playing earlier tonight, (one of the Matthew Manning Fighting Back tapes) your so-called deficits are in your mind. When you come over here you will judge yourself and it will be your concepts (that are judged). We have often stressed, as the gentleman on the tape stressed, to forgive yourself. This is a very important thing to do. Not only forgive others, but forgive yourself.

A medium is able to dissociate himself or herself from the material world at certain times, and this enables their guides to enter their aura more firmly, more closely, and to actually affect movements of the medium's body. We believe that in order to allow these functions to happen and the energy to flow, it is necessary to be quite firmly oriented in the material world. The medium needs to have quite a bit of moral courage and to operate firmly and securely in the material world.

It is difficult for mediumship to develop in someone who doesn't have a firm basis, and this is why it is usually - I stress usually, because there is never ever, any firm set rule to anything - it is usually the case that mediumship develops later in the life, when the material side of things is settled and firm. Very often it will be at a stage when the medium has married and has children who are grown up. It is unusual for mediumship to develop in someone who has an unsettled home. They probably have their own home, I don't mean they need to own a home. They need at least a home that is firmly rented. We know that people can own their home or they can rent one. When there is any uncertainty in material life, it is more difficult for mediumship to develop.

They (mediums) are usually people who like to make their own decisions and this is something which we have stressed in our own circle. In your material world you make your own decisions. You have adopted that material life for a purpose, and you need to go through it on your own account. If you do not get used to making your own decisions during your material life, you will be lacking a quality which enables you to help when you come over on this side. You need to understand the decision making process and what happens, to get your own confidence in making those decisions. We do not want the approach in which someone will ask help from spirit in making every single decision - right down to what they should wear that day. There will be times when you don't know where you are going, when you are bewildered and confused. By all means then ask for our help, but you don't need our help to make every single decision in your life. But you are not alone. So, having a stronger link with their guides, a medium probably has moral strength in acting. It can take quite a bit of courage to allow someone else to take over your body for a while. Just think what your body means to you. It is the closest and dearest possession that you have, isn't it? And so we regard it as a great honour when a medium starts taking up her work in the material world, and allows us to partake in his or her life in the body.

You will often find that mediums have had a dramatic or even traumatic life. Again, this does not always happen but it is usual, and one of the reasons for this is that the medium is testing out his or her strength or courage. And so it is agreed beforehand that certain things will happen to the medium in order to demonstrate these qualities.

Again, one of the qualities of a medium is love - love for other people, very unselfish, very giving love - because the mediumship work will often completely take over the medium's life. The medium is very often very sensitive to other people's distress and problems, and this causes the desire to help them. And having the link with the other side, the help can be very often strange to the recipient, unexpected and, very often, unnoticed.

Some mediums are also very sensitive to distress of souls on our side, and these are the mediums who can conduct rescues. The world on this side can seem very strange and very wonderful to people, but for some people it can be very distressing. If you do not know that there is life after death you do not understand what is going on, and you become very bewildered and frightened. This affects your aura and so your guides and helpers have a much more difficult task in getting through and helping that spirit to adjust. Other spirits are overcome with grief at things that they have done, and they will need help in understanding and in accepting what they did, and to be given help to gain confidence and realize that they can make reparations on this side and so start their own progress.

The forms of mediumship are varied. You can have the teaching approach, which is one which we have adopted with the medium, there are the healing mediums and clairvoyant mediums, and all are equally valuable. Perhaps the area of clairvoyance is the one that has the greatest variety, and we stress that it doesn't matter what method you use, they are all very valid and very valuable. Some people may need a physical object to hold, as in psychometry, or a crystal or cards, these are a focus point for the true clairvoyant. Some people can learn to use material objects such as cards, and, on a more material level, they can learn the rules and signs. But the true clairvoyant will pass beyond that and these will simply be a focus for them, a step to help others and to improve their link with the Spirit World. And they usually pass on to true clairvoyance by this way. We do not think that in the circles it matters what methods you use, it is the fact that you strengthen your link with us.

We understand that you are all trying to develop your psychic gifts. We welcome you very much in this work, and we hope and pray that you will all be successful and so be able to help your fellow souls in the material world and in the Spiritual World.

I do not wish to take up very much of your time in these proceedings tonight but, as often happens in our own circle, if you have any questions you might like to talk with this medium afterwards, and we can usually manage to get through to her our answers to your questions. Thank you for inviting me. It has been a great honour to come. God be with you all.

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