(Note dictated after a rescue. This is information given by impressions when I was not in trance.)

You asked about the world and how we all agree on what's there. Well, what Ah-So was saying was:

They've told you several times about the umbelliferous flower, how you have the little flowers there. You have several joining onto a stem and you have several of those (stems) joining. They said that why you all agree on roughly what is there, is that, at a higher level - about three levels up - that branch there has, sort of decided what is going to be here and then that would be the overall universe type of thing. So you see the stars, you have the sun and the earth, asteroids and all that sort of thing. Then there's another level which sort of, if you like, designs the world and then you get your level where you decide your lives. There's a level in between which is governing more the actions of men and nations, and then you've got your level which is concerned with your own life. And that's why there is general agreement as to what is there although people still have some differences of interpretation.

Gina: That means there's four levels?

Valerie: That is not the sum total. That's four levels concerned with the material universe and world. You have still got others above it. They are very weary of using the word 'level' because really there is only the one, there is just sort, of graduations down. They are wary too, of giving a set number because it's going to give you a set concept when you go on to the other side and they don't want you to have a set concept.

Guy: There's no distinct limit between levels either? They all merge?

: That's right.

: Where does the distinction lie between the creator and the created in terms of consciousness. We create the image of our environment, by consensus or belief. But what about animals? Do dogs participate in the creation or are they created?

: Put it on the list (topics for talks). I think there is a level.

: There must be a cut-off between the created and the creator.

: Why? There is something that looks after the animals but I can't quite get it.

: If there isn't a cut-off, that means there isn't a cut-off anywhere, between the stone, the plant. There's the atoms creating us and the whole thing back that way. If there is a cut-off there, our illusion being projected on a back-drop or something, then there's a line drawn between everything, there's consciousness.

: They say you change your atoms every seven years and you can have that as part of your atoms today and it might be part of that chair tomorrow. I don't know how true that is. You get some atoms entering the water and some leaving it, and there's a balance created there. Vapour pressure is it? It might be stretching it a little bit with wood, but it must happen sometime in a million years.

: That's stretching it a bit, to have an interchange between living and inanimate.

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