Picture a candle in the centre of the circle. A candle only gives out a small light, but this one is spreading. Picture it spreading through you - you can see the light through the spaces in the atoms of your body. You are not part of your body, you simply inhabit it and this warm golden light from the candle is spreading through this very ephemeral body that you have. And now the light has changed to pink, a lovely soft rose pink. See it spreading over all of us in the circle, we are ensconced in a pink ball of light, and we are united in that ball of light. The energy from each one of us is blending and mixing, and that will force the entity coming through tonight.


We thought tonight that we might tell you a little bit of how we perceive you and the material world.

When we come back into the material vibrations we no longer have the material senses to work with and so things are not at all clear to us. We sense a lot more than we see, as you would term it. The main thing that we can see is our own particular person and we see that person mainly as a light. The people who are close to that person we also perceive as lights, and the ones that are very closely related seem to have a similar sort of light or vibration, and it's through this sort of vibration that we can distinguish one person from another. So family members will seem to have a similar vibration to us, and when you meet with other people we see those people as a different type of light. Usually it's not so distinct as our "own person" and their immediate family. Our "own" person of course, is the most distinct to us.

Now, you could perhaps take the analogy of the candle flame, because if you look at a candle flame you can see that there is the centre bit, and that is different to the outer edge of the flame, and you can see, sort of golden light just beyond that, and then you see the things that it is illuminating. And people are sort of like that to us, we can see the centre part which is the part that is your body, and then we see your aura around it as a different type of light, and that gradually blends into the fuller light at the edge. And, naturally, when you are in close contact with someone we can see those lights overlapping somewhat, and from what happens to that overlap, we can see what type of relationship you have with the other person. A sort of clear light where the overlap is, indicates a pleasant relationship, and the more murky the light becomes then the more unsatisfactory the relationship. And, naturally, with people who you see a great deal that overlap can change, you can have different reactions to the same person - they may have annoyed you in some way or especially pleased you in some way, so that will affect that overlap. At the moment I am not talking about the colours of the auras, I am talking about the quality, the brightness, the clearness, the distinctness. Or whether it is murky or less distinct, as though you were holding a veil between yourself and the lamplight, so the light is not so clear - especially if the veil is a sort of gray one. Can you picture that perhaps?Now, when you come to sit in a circle like this we have several lights, and, because you come - at least usually - sitters have the sort of desire to help - a positive attitude - so you usually have a brighter, clearer light in a circle, and also the underlying intent to communicate with us helps to make your combined light brighter and sort of, bigger. The candle flame actually is a very good analogy because in the circle the light takes on that sort of shape - broader at the base and then coming in to a point at the top - and that is the typical shape of a circle light. And so when we see that type of light, we know that that is where a circle is being held. But, of course, our "own" particular circle will have to use its own distinctive vibration and light, and we recognise the sitters there by this vibration, we know who is present there and who isn't.

The colour of a circle light is not so various as the colours of the individual auras. The most common colour is white, because white is a combination of all the coloured lights, but it can change, it can be golden. Tonight yours is pink because this was deliberately specified in the meditation. You can change the colour of a circle light if you all think of a particular colour, naturally you would all need to think of the same colour. This is very often done without you being conscious of it, and will indicate to us a more positive circle from a less positive one. This indication shows us whether there is someone in the sitters who isn't physically well, or who is having some sort of trouble in their life. A particularly dark, almost black, light would indicate the presence of a disturbed spirit - I mean the kind of spirit who has either attached to one of the sitters or to the house. When you have a regular circle meeting it is very rare to find a spirit who is attached to the house though it can happen. Usually the very fact of having a regular circle is enough to remove any attaching spirits - they will automatically be helped to progress by the activities taking place. So usually a black tone to a circle light indicates that one of the sitters has brought with them an attaching or disturbed spirit. It may also indicate a serious illness in one of the sitters, and we tell the difference by the quality of the vibration.

Animals have a different type of light to us. The light takes on a shape vaguely resembling the physical form, and this gives us some clue as to what type of animal it is. Their lights vibrate rather less than the human lights. This is because of the difference in the brain capacity - I think we have explained once before that the physical body of mankind is the centre of the range of material manifestation. You are really the link between the material and the spiritual, I mean you are at that connecting point. So your vibrations are finer than those of animals or plants.

We generally can't see inanimate objects. This is why we are usually very poor at locating lost objects, although some spirits can do this. In that case they have decided for some reason that they want this particular ability and they would be more tuned in with the inanimate objects, shall we say? They will be seeing a clearer shape of the inanimate objects. They can also type the vibration of it into the vibration of the owner.

Very often when spirits come into the sphere of influence of your material world, it can have varying degrees of affect on us. It can be quite oppressive, it can be more difficult for us to move through it. This isn't a very strong influence, but it is there, and it is more difficult for the more evolved spirits to come back. This is why if there is someone at the level before merging with the Godness, who wishes to help the material world, they will usually incarnate rather than working through a medium. You see, the very act of taking on the body acclimatises the spirit to working in the material world. The spirit comes into the influence of the mother of the unborn child and spends periods in and out of the body. At first too, they are not always in the sphere of influence of the mother, but as the gestation period progresses they spend more time there and gradually spend more time in the fetus. They usually find it easier to bring through to the material world what they want to, to work that way. And, of course, as we get more used to operating through a medium, so we are more accustomed to the physical manifestations, and this also helps us to adjust to the vibration and the earth influence.Now, when a spirit is a helper to someone, rather than a guide, a helper is usually - but not always - someone who has known you during your material life, and has simply died before you. And they will spend longer periods of time with you than a guide will. Sometimes they will even be with you continuously. Their desire to help you is part of their development, so that they are not being held back by choosing to be a helper and staying with you. Sometimes they will decide that they have helped you as much as they want to, or as much as they can, or as much as you need their help, and then they will move away from you and do other work in the Spirit World.It is always a very conscious and deliberate decision to work with you, whether as a guide or as a helper. Guides will often have spent a period of time as a helper, and then have gone on with development before deciding to take on the greater task of being a guide. And, of course, there are different types of guides. You have your overall guide, your overseer perhaps, who is with you most of the time, they very seldom leave you. The other guides will come and go, they will sense instinctively when you need their particular kind of help. People very often, without realising that they are doing it, are sending out messages or calls for help from their guides. This happens when you are faced with some sort of difficulty and you are 'mulling over' it, this in itself, can act as a sort of call to the guide who is helping you in that way. And this we perceive as something like your radio waves, you can't see them but their effect is still there. I don't really know which word to use, whether to say 'seeing' or 'feeling' but we perceive that type of vibration, and it goes automatically to the person best able to help. The guide will come to you, but it depends a lot on your receptivity whether the guide can get across to you the information that he or she wishes. So there is always that sort of interaction. You can sense the vibration from your guide, as well as the guide can sense the vibration from you. And if your vibrations are too quick and erratic, if you are panicking too much, it is more difficult for your guides to get help through to you. So try to watch yourselves and your reactions, and if you realise you are getting into a panic situation and need help, calm yourself down. Consciously relax the muscles in your body - and you don't need to lie down or stop your activity to do that. Just check what is happening to your body, check what is happening to your mind and try to centre yourself. And that will enable your guide's influence to come through your vibrating link.

On the bigger level, we see the material world, and again, with the world it has its own particular aura. And the aura can change in different parts of the world just as it changes in an individual aura in different parts of your body. And the thoughts and vibrations of the people in the world affect the whole aura, and so the more spiritual and calm people can be, so the aura in the total of the world will become more spiritual and more calm. Again, this is one of the benefits or contributions made to the world by circles such as this. You are creating a space of calmness, and the more of these areas of calmness that we can get going in the world, the better the aura - the more the world will itself move through its stages of development and progression. This is the way each of you can contribute to your world, even though you may feel that you have no influence in the material world, perhaps in your politics, the broader sense of what is happening in your country, the decisions being made, and so forth, still you are contributing to the whole world, and, in so doing, to the events in your country, your city, your suburb, your sphere of friends, and, of course, your family. Never think that you are totally helpless. And, of course, we can step further back, and we can see the galaxy and the universe.

Now, when you are getting to the level of the universe, there are so many contributing factors that at that stage the aura around it is steady. It is a golden light. Gold to white, it's really one of the colours you can't quite see in your material world. A pure light, because everything is balanced and everything is contributing, and so it is steady.

You may ask questions.

Question: What is the aura of a cat who is very much loved and petted by a family? is their aura more clearly defined that a wild cat?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it of a higher level?

Answer: It is clearer and brighter and more defined, more individualised. Wild animals are less distinct, more of a group soul.

Question: You said you perceive differences in auras in different areas of the earth depending on the moods and emotions of the people who live there. Are you able to describe how you see the aura of vibrations of Australia, as compared with other countries of the world, perhaps you know the aura of Sweden for instance.

Answer: There are differences according to the peace of the people in the country or area. The more urbanised, industrialised countries have a difference in the quality of their vibration to the more rural countries. The mood of the people again, affects the aura round that particular part, I am speaking as though there are separate auras, please understand, there aren't really, it is all one, linked. In your industrialised areas there are very slightly more depressed auras, they are not quite as vibrant as the more rural areas, but this is really only slight, although we are aware of it. More sensitive people amongst you will pick up the difference. The moods of the people can be shown in the colours of the country's aura. The urbanisation compared to rural areas affects the quality. Also the vibrancy of the plant life affects the quality, the more plants there are, the more inherent life in the country - the soil, the rocks, I am talking about - the more vibration there is. But the moods and attitudes of the people affect the colour. Countries where there is war and fighting are darker, black. Where people have hope and energy you will find rainbow colours. Red bringing the energy, hope being a positive vibrant attitude, will bring a green. Overall wisdom will bring the mauve, purple shades. These shades are a blend of the reds and blues which are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and therefore, do not occur very often, we regret. Some countries do have tinges of those shades. Blue is also indicative of peacefulness, of kindness. Orange indicates energy, the attitude of contributing to the world. Most countries are a blend of colours. In the severe war zones you will get the black predominating. Where there is despair, famine, severe poverty, there will be gray shades. But the gray will be tinged with other colours, as there are those determinations to do something about it. The countries where many people desire to help will develop pink to mauve tinges. Your country is lower than we would like it to be, not seriously low yet. The green is duller - you need to take on an attitude of determination and hope, you are at a balance point. You can go one way or the other. There are forces at work trying to influence your one way and there are forces who are trying to resist.

Question: Why can I feel a guide as a soft cool breeze, and yet other spirits can be felt as a form?

Answer: It just depends on your sensitivity and the way the spirits desire to be sensed. Each spirit around you will have their own individual manifestation, and this will help you to identify them.

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