You want to know how we organise the rescues.

The actual organisation does vary from rescue to rescue. The one that is of interest at the moment, of the entity you call Valiya, was a rather unusual one because we were looking for a particular person. We picked up the vibrations from you and followed them back first, to your brother and then from him we could follow the link through the spirit world to the entity.

It is possible for spirits on our side to travel, what you would think of, as "down" the layers to those on, in your terms, the "lower" levels. It is not so easy for those in the "lower" levels to move upwards.

The upward movement is very slow and occurs over a long period of your time. It starts when the entity becomes aware that there is something different - it is possible to have something different - than the surroundings in which he or she - more properly on our side "it" - finds itself. As soon as the entity starts to look around, you might almost say, "raises their eyes to the distance", much as you can raise your eyes in your city to the distant mountains, this in your world usually entails an upward movement of your eyes. In the spirit world you would probably also use the term "upward", but it is really more of an "upward movement" of the spirit, or you might almost say, attention. When you start paying attention to things beyond your immediate surroundings, you cannot move towards something until you know there is something there to move towards. And so this is the very first step in progress on our side.

The entities seeing something different beyond their surroundings, then start questioning, "Why?", "I want to go there, why can't I?", "I don't like these surroundings, I want something better" and so they start questioning and wondering. As this process goes on so their surroundings change. The entity has the impression that it is moving towards different surroundings, but, as we have said before, there is no real movement, there is only a perceived change and this is interpreted as movement. There will be many backslidings, many times the entity will prefer the familiar surroundings, and so there will be a perceived backward movement.

The entity's guides still follow their progress and try to help when they come over on to this side. This is made easier or harder, depending on the state of mind of the entity. The calmer you are, the more inquisitive you are about your surroundings, the more questioning you are, the easier it is for your guides to help you. When you are in a state of fear, when you are shutting out perception of your surroundings as happens with those people who believe that they will sleep until the last trump, it is extremely difficult for the guides to be able to help them, because they are virtually being shut out. The vibrations of fear, for instance, or anger, or resentment, affect the aura and set up such strong violent vibrations that the aura of the guides who are used to calmer vibrations, cannot mesh and so the communication and influence cannot take place.

It is necessary to calm down these vibrations, we try this in various ways. Sometimes the vibrations calm down of themselves as time passes, much as someone in your world who has had a fright will perhaps have quite severe heart palpitations, which after a short while calm down and stop. It is a similar process on our side.

One of the things we can do to speed up this process is to get the entity into a rescue circle. As soon as the entity is in a physical body, the body itself acts as a limit or a restriction on the vibrations, rather like what you would call a straight-jacket, the movement of the aura is restricted. The entity experiencing the body again will usually remember the last things that happened when it was in a body. This is why so many rescues start off with the death of the entity. By hearing the familiar physical vibrations of voices, the entity will become more receptive to what is being said, because it is a familiar sensation. The entity expects to hear or receive communication through voices and so it will accept them more readily than our forms of communication on this side, which are usually more of a telepathic nature.

In the rescue which is of interest to you, we followed the vibrations along and we were also assisted by the entity's guides who were acting, or started to act as a sort of beacon to us, to guide us to the entity. This was one of those cases where we had to adopt some subterfuge. It is a method that we use for quite extreme cases when nothing else will work. We adopted a similar attitude and manner to the beings that the entity was communicating with. We therefore were able to delude the entity into believing that we were the same type of spirit and she was then receptive to us, and was more willing to come along with us. She was puzzled when we got her here and we had to do what you would call some "fast talking".

In the worst event we can push the entity into the medium's body. It is something we don't like doing and this is reserved for very severe cases. We bring the entity round to the back of the medium and, using the people who assist in manipulating the energy in the circle so that the circle's activities can take place, we bring the entity very close to the medium. The medium's aura starts to expand as the time for the circle approaches and is considerably larger than normal by the starting time. By getting the entity close to the medium, it can in this way be trapped in the medium's aura and be drawn into the body. And this starts the process which I have just been talking about. Then we are very largely dependent on the sitters in the circle. We can make contact with your guides and it is very much a matter of quite large co-operation between the guides of the sitters. They, linking through us to the entity, understand the state of the entity and what the problem is, and try to suggest to their person what that person should say to the entity. This, of course, is largely dependent upon the sensitivity of the person in the circle. As you will no doubt by now realise, some people are more receptive than others to their guides' promptings. Some sitters will actually disregard promptings and decide to follow a lead which they have thought of, which they are interested in following with the rescue entity. Sometimes this works well, sometimes it doesn't, but, by and large, the linkage between the guides involved in the circle will usually ensure that a successful rescue takes place. If the rescue isn't entirely successful then at least the entity's vibrations, aura vibrations, will be calmed down so that the entity's guides can make contact and so the entity can be helped from there on.

Various stages can be attained in a rescue. It is very seldom that an attempted rescue has no effect whatsoever on the entity involved. As I have just said, at the very least, the aura vibrations are slowed down and contact can be made with the guides who will work from then on. The case of a sudden death can cause problems too, because the person passing suddenly has not had the opportunity to gradually break their ties with the material world and with the body in that world. This type of person will very frequently try to carry on living their life as they were, this is the kind of person who will try to carry on with their daily tasks, who will try to hold conversations with their loved ones, and who will be hurt when, as they perceive it, their loved ones ignore them. This, naturally, starts some resentment and anger and so the aura vibrations are disturbed again. In this kind of case the best approach for the rescue circle to take is to explain to the entity what has happened. Explain the conditions of their new state and explain why they are being, as they think, ignored by their loved ones. Very often this kind of explanation is all that is necessary. People who die slowly are really much more fortunate when they come over here because they have a period of preparation beforehand. Very often a person who is dying slowly will gradually withdraw from the people in the material world. They will appear to sleep more. They will appear to fall asleep at rather inappropriate times. They may fall asleep in the middle of a sentence and in this instance "asleep" as this medium would say, should be in inverted commas. It isn't really a sleep. It is, I guess you could say, a sort of peeping over the wall. These people will very often talk to people who have died before, there are countless tales of this occurring. They actually see these people, so they are making contact with them, and when they finally die they can go with their helpers much more readily and easily than someone who passes over suddenly or violently. There is some problem with people who die in such a way that their physical body is immediately shattered, or destroyed. This would occur with people who die in an explosion, or when their bodies are perhaps destroyed immediately by a wild animal. It takes a few days for full disconnection between the spirit and the body to take place, this is why people at funerals will often sense the "dead" person's presence. The person can come back, can visit the material world for short periods during these first few days after death. They too will often try to speak or contact the people there, and if the person in the physical body is not sensitive enough, or not receptive enough, they will ignore the attempted contact. While this causes some distress to the "dead" person, it is not so severe as in the case of the person who has died suddenly.

Extreme grief helps to deaden the sensitivity of the people who are left behind and this is why mediums will often tell you not to grieve so hard for those who have passed on.

A certain amount of grief is necessary for those who have been left behind. The have to break their ties with the dead person. But if that grief carries on too long, you hold back the dead person, because they try to make contact with you. It doesn't really have to be what you would call a "successful" contact, it doesn't necessarily have to be a conscious contact. The contact can take placed during the "still alive" person's sleep, but some form of communication between those who have passed on and those who are still alive is very helpful. It helps to release the dead person so that they can progress on. Excessive, prolonged grief by those still in the physical world can retard that progress, because that final contact either cannot take place, or isn't really satisfactory.

In the case of a rescue who is being extremely difficult and un-cooperative, who cannot be cajoled or deluded into coming along, it is possible and this we use only in very extreme cases, to, how can I put it? I guess you would almost say, "put a net round" them and so bring them by force. We don't like this because it sets up too much of a resistance, and it is only used in extreme cases. It might be someone who does not, for some reason, want contact again with the physical world. This may be someone who died at the hands of another person, someone who was murdered in a rather shocking way. This person might very strongly resist coming anywhere near the physical world - "near" being one of your phrases, because the spiritual world is always very near the material world. In this case it is not enough to merely try to catch the person in the medium's aura because they will attempt to get away from the aura. The aura is very bright and a person who, in your terms, would be called evil, someone who has done great wrong in your world, that type of person will often try to get away from the light and they can be quite strong. In this case the guides and helpers and some of what we have previously termed, "freelance" guides can form a barrier around the entity, forming a sort of ring from the medium round the entity, and it is possible to really push the entity into the aura. Once the entity is in the medium's aura they are automatically pulled into the body. This automatic pulling into the body of a spirit who has entered the medium's aura only occurs during circles.

In this rescue that was of interest, the entity had other spirits around her. They would try to hold on to the entity, to prevent her coming with us and this was another reason why we had to delude the entity into thinking that we were similar to those spirits around her. We had to delude the other spirits as well to prevent them from attempting to hold her back. They would have attempted to do this by arguing with her against us. I believe this was happening during the rescue. I believe the entity mentioned this. (Agreement from the sitters).

Is there any other aspect of the rescue you need clarification on?

Guy: I think that just about covers it. Tell us a bit more about what happened in this particular case and what was the end result.

Kingsley: The person who had a sudden death, may be as a result of a car accident or something like that, is it possible for that person to pass over bodily symptoms to a relation?

Verna: You mean to let that person know that they have passed over?

Kingsley: No. I'm thinking in terms of a person whose spirit perhaps remains as an earthling and visits, trying perhaps to get into contact with its loved one, and in so doing the symptoms that he suffered in the accident can be passed to the person still living.

Verna: So that the person who is still living could develop some sort of affliction in that part?

Kingsley: Yes. Is that possible?

Verna: (After a pause) We know that it is possible to pass on these sensations of pain. You will often in the church have heard a medium saying "oh, they passed over with something. Perhaps in the tummy, I have a pain there", or that kind of thing. If the person still alive is very receptive, if they know the parts of the body that were injured and they start paying attention to those parts of the body, it is possible. But it really needs the co-operation of the person still alive for it to develop. That person has to be receptive and has to keep concentrating on that part, saying "oh, so and so's arm was broken" then something can happen. They are more or less themselves influencing their own bodily condition. For a permanent condition to arise I think It needs that co-operation. Just the fleeting twinges of a pain somewhere could be the dead person trying to communicate to let the alive person become aware of their presence without any actual physical condition manifesting.

Gina asked if her friend's two-and-a-half year old niece who died as a result of a truck running over her could be looked after so that she did not become "lost".

Verna: She is being looked after. It is easier to look after children because they are used to being looked after, they come over here and they expect an adult to take charge and so it is easier with a young child than it is with an adult. Your thoughts have brought that child here tonight and I can tell you that she is being looked after. There is an older woman with her, I think a grandmother. I would say that the child is in much better condition than the parents she has left. It was simply that her time on the earth had been used up, what she wanted on this earth had been accomplished. She needed the loving surroundings, the loving of the parents and she was anxious to go on. We are concentrating a lot on the parents and on the driver. They have a lot of the free-lance spirits around them at the moment. In time the grief will heal, but there will always be a little, shall we say, corner of the heart for that child. She will never be completely forgotten - that would be impossible. She will visit her parents and she is already looking around her new surroundings with some curiosity - I think you said she was two-and-a-half? A child of that age has a great interest in its surroundings and she is now displaying that interest in her own surroundings, where she is now. she will be on hand for her family in times of crisis and she will be there to welcome her parents when their time comes. By then, of course, she will have grown up and she will lead them on. If you can, tell them that, but you can't tell everybody these things.

Philip: I lost a brother about 2 - 3 years ago in South Australia on an island. After his death I felt him twice and my mother felt him once. Is he all right now? At peace? I've had dreams of him fairly regularly.

Verna: What is the tenor of those dreams?

Philip: He is with me, talking, and we are playing together and so forth. He was very serious initially but to me he seems to be better. he died in very painful circumstances on Kangaroo Island and I would like to know if he is O.K. so I can tell my mother.

Verna: Yes, I feel he is here. He is progressing, he does visit you all from time to time. Your receptivity to him is extremely helpful to him, it has relieved a lot of his anxiety about you. He is nodding and smiling at the moment and waving. He is getting down to his progression tasks over there. He has been through a a period of great peacefulness, a resting type period, and that is now changing to one where he will be more active in his "area" of progress. That is not fully determined at the moment, but he is aware now that there are tasks to be done over there. There are people to be helped both in the material world and in the spirit world, and he will be shortly getting down to some serious work. He has come with some love for you and it is very helpful if you can send love to him. Don't over do it, otherwise you will distract him too much, but when he enters your thoughts then direct love towards him. This will give him some extra energy in his work.

Now, if I may return to our subject entity. When you last heard of her she was passing through very pleasant countryside. Country scenes are very often used with recently dead people or those who have come from a rescue, because people associate the country with peacefulness and with calmness. So we use country scenes a lot in these instances. We left her there, as far as you are concerned she was "left" there, just sort of. She had been through a tremendous ... - have you every been absolutely furiously angry with someone and when you have got over it you have just completely flopped, empty. (Verna was groping for words at this point). You let everything go, you don't think, you don't do anything really productive, you might just fiddle around a bit here and there and do a few useless things, or just sit - or something like that. That was the state she was in. Her guides were with her, naturally, but she was left like that for a while to recover mentally, and then she was receptive to the people around her. She was then receptive to explanations of what had happened to her during he last illness. She was then receptive to these explanations, she understood what the doctors and nurses had been trying to do, although in her case some of them had taken the wrong approach. A more honest approach with her might have been better. This one reason why honesty during a person's last illness is the "best policy". Deceit will very often build up resentment. People who are dying slowly can often be very perceptive - they know they are dying, and there will be less resentment when they come over here if the people around them can be brave enough to talk with them about it. It is true, it is very often those around who refuse to discuss the dying person's fears. So she has now worked through that. She has some alarm and upset at her reactions - at the way she treated those who were closest to her. She is at the moment working through those feelings. This guilt and remorse will be worked through and she then, too, will start looking for her area of work. She will come through it, everyone comes through it eventually. She is a person with some considerable determination and she will be able to work quite successfully on this side. She is the kind of person who will get things done. This aspect was one of the causes of her tremendous resentment during her illnesses. This is why she was so resentful of those who were still healthy and she wasn't. It was a tremendous frustration for her.

I think, with your permission we will close the session for tonight. We will be willing to answer further questions on other evenings. Please feel free to refer back to tonight if there are any other points that you want clarified, we will do our best.

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