I bring you my blessing.

Wisdom that has often been overlaid with practices that tend to cancel and mask it. This wisdom has lain concealed for many years. On occasions these practices have deliberately been put there in order to protect the wisdom, particularly from those who would mis-use it. The wisdom will be in the world, so long as the world exists. There are different variations of it, but it is always there. And you can find it in the innermost recesses of your being. There is no special technique to be used. Just think of your own recesses, just think of the ancient wisdom, and think of the peace no matter how small within you. You can touch that wisdom, it is always available for you. You cannot put that wisdom into words. There is no magic formula, no rigid saying. But when you contact it, you will know peace in your heart, it is deep inside you. Many profess to know this wisdom. You are taught how to touch it, and yet it is not necessary (to be taught). In your culture you are taught about the still small voice within. Samuel did not need any particular practice. Practices are sometimes useful, especially for those in your culture, who have difficulty in being at peace after your day's activities. Your society is developing in ways which make it more difficult for you to tap the inner wisdom. The jarring noises and vibrations and many people in close proximity, the speed with which you move about - all affect the vibrations of the aura, and it is difficult for the aura to be at peace. This is the main use of the various techniques which are taught. You do not need initiation ceremonies, you do not need to be given a particular word - I stress the 'need'. The conditions in which you live and move in your society mean you need a ritual which enables you to calm down by going through certain motions. If you believe they will bring you peace, they will. But they are not really NEEDED.

Sometimes you must deal with the belief system of your conscious mind before a higher level can be reached. Remember the three aspects of the mind. The sub-conscious, the conscious and the higher conscious. There are others but these are the three that give access. The sub-conscious is in two sections : one looks after the body and keeps it functioning automatically. The other is the repository of the memories, your experiences and governs your reactions. Your conscious mind deals with your everyday life. It is the decision maker, but it is also the receiver of both your sub-conscious and your higher conscious. Your higher conscious may, perhaps, be called your conscience. It, too, is really in two layers, part of it is in closer contact with your guides and helpers.

I have been speaking as though this mind, is a line, the venue of it, you might say. The truth might more properly be (that it is) like a ball with the different layers. Even that analogy is a poor one. The different layers can 'bleed through' and affect one another. So your conscious mind will be affected by your sub-conscious, and the super-conscious. The sub-conscious can be affected by your conscious and through it, your higher conscious. The higher conscious receives input from the conscious and makes it more readily available to your guides and helpers. They are aware also of your conscious mind, but the contact with the higher conscious makes things clearer for them to give their input into the higher conscious.

When the conscious is available to the higher conscious, then the input (from the higher conscious mind) can be received into the conscious mind. The spirit contact can be made when the link between the conscious and the higher conscious is open. You need to open the conscious to the higher conscious to receive this input. This input affects the conscious mind and its workings.

It is important that this link should not be open all the time. We consider it important that you operate in your world in the manner that is acceptable to your society. In this way you can bring the influence of Spirit into the world without setting up barriers from others, without getting negative feelings or interruptions, which will in turn affect the spirits near you. You can do this effectively in your everyday life when that link is not wide open. You may think of it as a door in which (there) is a small window, through which your higher-conscious can observe the conscious. When the conscious desires to window to be open, when the conscious needs extra guidance for instance, at appropriate times the door can be open wide. This is why each of you needs a door-keeper to guard that door and make sure that only the right spirits come in. But if you do not co-operate in keeping the door closed, the whole area of protection around you weakens, and if you are not co-operating with your doorkeeper then mischievous spirits will attach themselves. For you can over-ride your spirits. If they do not wish you to open up your door wide, but you insist on doing so, you are insisting on admitting the mischievous spirit. They (the guides) must hold back, because they know it is important to you. That is one of the situations in which the spirits can enter you. It is like letting down a drawbridge of a castle so that the enemy can enter.

You must decide to close off the link when you close your circle as you say your closing prayer. Think of closing the door. You will still have the window. Picture yourself with a protective shield around you. Remember when you really need the link with spirit you can open the window.

Gina: Can anyone else put a protective shield around the person?

Wung-Lo: When a person is in danger of having attaching spirits you can put a protective shield around them, but without their co-operation it will not last long.

Strictly speaking it is not absolutely necessary for you to know your door-keeper. Door-keepers, very often do not manifest, and very seldom do they speak through a medium. Occasionally it happens, but not very often. They assume that others may be there, and they themselves will not directly say anything.

When you are closing your circle, or when you have been doing any other religious practices, you may speak to him as you are finishing. Strengthening the link between you makes his job easier. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and your acknowledgement of their presence helps them. If you carry out this you will be safe, both on this side and in your society. Think of them sometimes, think of them as your guides and helpers.

And there are others around you, especially when you meet in groups like this. All around this circle, there will be other spirits with specific jobs to do. They will give up energy, and pass it round the circle. Tonight we asked you to pass the energy around the circle in order to strengthen this and increase the energy available for this work. It is a practice that should be done occasionally. This acknowledges the work of the, shall we say, technicians, and again, helps their work. One of the technicians here tonight is a small coloured boy who is dressed in gaudy clothes. He lived in the French court 200 years ago as one of their servants.

Question: What course of action can we take to help a member of our circle who we think has some attaching spirits?

Wung-Lo: At this stage I suggest you put him on the healing list. Whatever advice you give him, he will not accept. Ultimately, he will listen, but at present he is making things more difficult for our side, which may lead to a waste of his potential.

Question: Would it be appropriate for him to come back to the circle and possibly trance here under controlled conditions.

Wung-Lo: We think not at this stage. The danger is that he would keep the link open. At the moment the door is not fully opened. The danger is that he would not close to afterwards. He also may want to go through this week after week, which would destroy the purpose of the circle. Keep friendly contact if you can but at this stage do not encourage his return.

Question: What is the purpose of the circle?

Wung-Lo: The main purpose is to enable us to pass on to you information from this side. Information about life after your so-called death. Information, guidance, perhaps, to you in matters of right conduct. We hope to speed up the development of people in this circle. There will be some to develop as mediums and pass on to their own circles. There will be others to develop to work on the platform and to heal. But as our principle purpose we hope to possibly and simply to help other spirits.

Question: When development starts and the person gets carried away, what can we do?

Wung-Lo: First, talk with them and explain these matters, you can advise them. If they will not accept your advice, then so much depends on the person. If the person is seriously disrupting the circle then they must be asked to leave. If the person does go into trance then you should talk with the spirit in the usual way, ask their name, and encourage them to talk. If it is a mischievous spirit and is claiming high messages, challenge it on every point you can. Watch for contradictions and inconsistencies. A mischievous spirit will not be able to answer you, because they have not advanced very far and do not know the answers. If it is a genuine high spirit, they will be able to answer. If it is a mischievous spirit, then carry on in the usual rescue manner. Ask details about it, what is it doing in the Spirit World, what are its activities, reason with it, suggest that it has some developing to do itself, can that spirit see friends and relatives about. This line of attack is probably the best. But if the person does not wish to break the contact, the spirit may not be permanently dislodged. If the person is not showing signs of wanting to dislodge the spirit, you can all of you start directing energy to the person. This speeds up their aural vibrations which makes the person hot and makes things uncomfortable for the spirit and makes him retire. But if the person does not want the spirit to leave, does not really want the spirit to go, the spirit will hang around. You may have to do something to shock that person, to really get the message home of what they are doing. If after, say, three sessions like this, there is no progress made, then for the sake of the circle and the other sitters, that person will have to be asked to leave.

Serge: Is meditation advisable for me?

Wung-Lo: We feel it is better you do not do any form of meditation by yourself. If you wish to do this, do it in a group. Keeping yourself busy and active in the material realm is your best protection and be sure to close that door when you close the circle. Mentally picture it as your wish. You do not have to picture a door, if there is another concept that is more acceptable to you, then use that. But it must be something that is protective or is solid, a shell is a good one - like an egg-shell - but you must be careful to make sure that it actually meets around you. You are right at the moment. Do not spend too much time alone. We would suggest no more than about 15 minutes of meditation a day. Are you following any particular path

Serge: Siddha Meditation.

Wung-Lo: Do not over-do it. When you finish always make sure that the door is closed. Do not rush your development, do not be impatient. There is a long straight track ahead of you.

Question: I had a vision of a child and a man put it into my arts. Is there a meaning to that?

Wung-Lo: It is a spiritual gift which is beginning and will grow, but as a child takes a long while to grow into a man, so this gift should also be allowed to take a long time. Do not force development, let it grow naturally as the child would grow.

Gina: (indistinct) Help for parents.

Wung-Lo: Parents are very difficult for children to understand. Spend a few minutes each day, hold a picture of them in your mind's eye. Picture them as clearly as you can. Picture their faces in every detail so that you have them very clearly in your mind's eye. Then picture them with golden light around, that is the peaceful vibration. Be patient with them. They are in this world to learn and practice. Even the aged have their lessons to learn. You are a very loving person. If you give them too much advice they will be unable to take it, mainly because you are their child. Be subtle. Try not to dictate to them. Try to make suggestions subtly, so that they do not have to lose face, if they do not take your advice, and it turns out that they should have done. In your culture it is always important to preserve face. I think it is probably important for you too.

Question: We have a son and I feel he is badly in need of guidance and I feel we cannot get through to him. Like you told Gina, are there any suggestions to us?

Wung-Lo: Your son has a strong desire to prove himself. He has a strong desire for independence and to stand on his own feet. You cannot prevent him learning his lessons. I suggest a similar practice of picturing him and putting the golden light around. He may want to do things which seem wrong to you, and for you they would be wrong, but he is in a different situation to what you are. He has his own lessons to learn. And remember in the ultimate long terms, everyone will be safe.

Question: Should I only practice healing in the church?

Wung-Lo: Spiritual development is always safer in groups. It would be safe in the church, and in this circle, places where you can make a firm link.

Garry: Do babies have door-keepers?

Wung-Lo: Babies always have a door-keeper. You have a door-keeper from the time you are born. The window in a baby's door is larger than in an older child. They are more susceptible to spirit influences and it is important for this reason that babies are surrounded by a lot of loving carers. Whenever you are around a baby you should always mentally put golden light around them. Their innocence, innocence of the world is a protection for them.

Question about effects of behaviour on the window for spiritual influence.

Wung-Lo: Some practices can 'fog' the window over - alcoholism, drugs for instance. Sometimes these practices can also blow wide open the door. It depends a lot on the individual. The window can always be re-opened. It can be, but will not ALWAYS be re-opened. Some forms of mental disorder can sometimes close the door.

Question: There are a lot of people in society with mental disturbances, schizophrenics, etc. Would you be able to say whether there are many among them, who are not actually mentally sick but simply have their doors blown open. How many would be like that?

Wung-Lo: About 50%.

Question: What can be done for them, because our doctors treat them with drugs and shock treatment, and things like that. What would be the way to treat them?

Wung-Lo: Drug therapy can sometimes be very good. As I said a minute ago, drugs can close the window and they can also close the door. I am emphasising can, it doesn't always. These people still have their subconscious and their higher-conscious minds. If the sub-conscious and higher conscious minds both want to close the door, then therapies will work. But we would speak strongly against any form of shock treatment because it can destroy brain cells, it can distort the aura and the vibrations of the aura. There are always spirits around these hospitals trying to help soothe things. But without the co-operation of the person's sub-conscious, and this is more important in this aspect than the higher-conscious, because the higher-conscious always wants to do the right thing. The sub-conscious can be negative. So, unless the sub-conscious too wants to correct the condition, therapy will not close the window, or work.

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