The evening started with a period of meditation during which the guides were working on taking me into a deeper trance state than normal. At last Wung-Lo started speaking, his manner was quite different to his usual style of delivery. He was very detached and his voice had a dreamy, dissociated or distant quality. He started by saying:

You know me as Wung-Lo, and I will speak with you this evening before another entity comes.

We have been asked about the up-bringing of children and we will talk about that for a few minutes.

A new baby in your world still has strong connections with the Spirit World from which it came. This is why it sleeps so much during the early weeks, the soul is gradually becoming accustomed to the body and to the material world again. It must become used to the weight of the body, the feeling of the air, the lights, it must get used to controlling the body, it must get used to eating and drinking again and the feel of clothes and many other sensations.

Young children often have many psychic impressions and we have been asked how to bring up children so that they can retain these psychic abilities.

Some children will naturally retain them without any help, others will not retain them in spite of what you do. It depends on what the child has brought into the world, what is the child's life plan. it is possible for all the psychic abilities to be unharmed and unhindered by these experiences. But if the psychic abilities are not to be retained in that life then they will gradually slip away as the child grows older.

To prevent the child having its psychic abilities squashed you need, first, to be aware that these abilities are there. Talk to the child about these things so that the child knows that you know, then the child will have confidence in telling you about his or her experiences. Accept the experiences that the child will tell you about. Do not force the child into your material activities. Take them gently. You need to guide them so that they can be useful members of your society, but where there are choices available allow the child to make its own choices. Try to bring up the child in such a way that they have a sense of self-worth, so that they can rely on themselves and upon the impressions which they are receiving.

You will, at times, need to control the child, to control certain behaviours which are not acceptable to your society. If the child will not behave in acceptable ways they will be, to some extent, ostracised and their psychic abilities will not be accepted by others. But be sure that any punishment which you may need to mete out does not destroy the self-esteem.

Try to inculcate in your child a love for nature, to enjoy the flowers and trees and animals. Because nature is one of the expressions of spirit, it is good to appreciate nature and natural surroundings. Enable the child to be open to this channel. Ensure the child knows its strengths and its good points. Always emphasize the good points that the child has. As the child grows older you can explain more to them. You can talk to them about meditation about the age of 8 to 10 years. But again, do not force it if the child is not so inclined. Always present the spiritual things but do not force them, do not insist. Coercion in this line of thought is more harmful than not presenting it to the child at all.

The child with these gifts, the child destined to KEEP these gifts, will always be a special child. There will always be something different about such a child, a certain quietness, a certain gentleness and soothingness. They will not be rough or excessively noisy, they will be the ones who will be watching, they will be the ones who are questioning, they will be the ones to make some unusual comment or to be particularly aware of other people's feelings and what is happening to other people. normal children are very self-centered, they find it difficult to see things from other people's point of view and feeling. They will always be able to see things from more than one point of view. Or they may go to the other extreme and be quite uninterested in the material concerns of your society. They will accept what is there but be unconcerned if there is not much.

The retention of these psychic abilities may not be apparent all through the child's life. It is quite common for these abilities to become latent, especially towards the teen-age years. In your society particularly heavy stress is placed on your young people. In the simpler societies life is much more easy, and you will often find in these societies that the world of the spirit is closer to them, is much more involved in daily life. In your society, material concerns impinge very heavily on the teenagers and until the material life has settled down, it is quite common for the psychic abilities to become dormant, but they will reappear at an appropriate time. Trust your children, they know what they are bringing, they know what they are here for. Although it may be that this information is not in the conscious mind, still at some level they will always know, and when they find the right course for their life things will become much smoother and easier.

Just do the best you can for your children - is the best advice I can give you.

We hope this satisfied the questioner's problem. If further elucidation is required please ask for it.

(A short period in a meditative state followed until a question was asked.)

Pat: Children facing the separation of parents through divorce or whatever, is that a karmic matter or is that just a life lesson that they invite upon themselves in that life?

Wung-Lo: What do you mean by 'karma'? (the voice had changed somewhat, now being deeper).

Pat: I'm not too sure.

Wung-Lo: Karma as usually taught in your society does not exist. You bring with you a broad general plan of your life which you have agreed upon. There is no automatic law forcing you to reincarnate for any particular experience or punishment or reward. The children will weather these storms and difficulties the way they are intended to. Such things have no effect upon their psychic abilities or lack of them.

Isia: You mentioned starting meditation with children round about 8 - 10 years, is it good to start with colours, the colour of the rainbow and playing a game, like playing on a beach in their mind or a forest.

Wung-Lo: You can start that way. All ways are legitimate.

Isia: Its more fun if you make it a game.

Wung-Lo: True. Do the best you can.

Pat: What is the purpose of meditation for children?

Wung-Lo: The Same as for adults.

Pat: And that is?

Wung-Lo: To still the mind so that you can contact your Self. The simpler societies do not need to meditate because there is no material world to get in their way.

Isia: Are there any simple societies left in the world?

Wung-Lo: They are diminishing.

Pat: What is the best way of preparing our children for the coming of the new age?

Wung-Lo: What we have just been telling you. What 'new age' anyhow?

Pat: The Aquarian age and possible holocausts in the world leading to a reduction in population.

Wung-Lo: What holocaust? What reduction in population?

Therese: All is in good order, isn't it?

Wung-Lo: Yes. Why do you think there is going to be these disasters? They have been forecast for the last 4,000 years and they haven't come about yet, have they?

Pat: Wung-Lo, you know more about it than we do. We can't answer that question.

Isia: They are predicting that the disease AIDS is going to wipe out a large percentage of the population.

Wung-Lo: So did the Black Death. This is what we are telling you. Your world is in no more turmoil than it ever has been for the past 3,000 years.

Isia: But how can we protect ourselves from coming into contact with AIDS? Is it something we have to prepare ourselves mentally not to get?

Wung-Lo: You can use mental methods, if you think they will work. A few practical ones will probably be better! Why not protect yourselves against cancer or MS? Or anyone of the other diseases.

Isia: Its just that there is an emphasis on AIDS. But I guess that is just another fad that this world is going through.

Wung-Lo: To be sure. Last time it was influenza, remember?

Pat: How can we protect the children?

Wung-Lo: You are in a material world and need material measures.

Isia: Is there any special way we should play with children, any exercises?

Wung-Lo: We will give it some thought and let you know.

There followed a pro-longed period of semi-trance which gradually faded. There were times when I felt I was way out in space, and feelings of floating away. I was terribly disorientated, the sitters' voices seemed to be coming from all over the place. I had never known him to be so detached.

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