It was some time before Wung-Lo started speaking. He had been making various hand movements and explained what he had been doing. You know me as Wung-Lo and I thank you for your indulgence in waiting with me this far. I have been giving this medium the impression of my ceremony when I became Abbot of my monastery. Unfortunately her tongue is not suitable for bringing through the sounds which I wished, and I did not want to translate them into your English words because the vibrations would then have been different. And so, she has had the impression of that ceremony. The hand movements which you saw were those I made during that ceremony. She received the scarves and gave homage.

I particularly sought to be an expression of the love of the underlying spirit which you mention in your prayers. I understood about the immanence of the spirit, unfortunately many of my colleagues did not. And so I truly tried to express that love in my work and in my leadership of the monastery. I seek often to bring you here that feeling of love which comes with the communion with that spirit. I often come, though I seldom speak with you.

I wish to tell you more tonight about contacting that deep pool of love which is available to each one of you. We know that in your world at the moment there are many systems teaching you how to meditate, and we wish to talk with you first about meditation. There are different ways of approaching it, different types of meditation. They are all valid, we do not really wish to choose one above all others. We suggest that you adopt that which you find suitable for yourself. You may like to go in for silent chanting of a word or syllable, it does not really matter what word, or which syllable you chant, that's a big secret. We do suggest though that you choose a word which you consider to have good, positive, meanings for you, and note, that I said which YOU consider. There are differences between peoples, but it doesn't matter. Choose what is right for you and allow others to do what is right for them. Never be dogmatic.

Others may choose to hold a picture in their mind, others may like to sing aloud, or chant, even some form of movement or dancing can help. It does not matter, as long as it enables you to still your mind and to be at peace.

You are very involved with your material world, and you need some way of switching off, so that you can contact that which is within you. Unfortunately, many extravagant claims are made for specific meditation techniques. Strange postures are imposed, and lengthy periods. In order to still your mind you must be comfortable. If you are twisting your body into a strange posture, your attention will be on the body. Relax and forget the body. But deep breathing is one of the essential requisites for relaxing and letting go the sensations of your body. It is one of the few things which we feel necessary. Breathe deeply from the diaphragm and fill the lungs and let go. You do not have to hold (the breath) you do not have to force yourself to wait. If you do that you will concentrate on your body more. Breathe deeply and slowly and regularly a few times and let the sensation go. Consciously relax your muscles.

That may be all you need. By all means, use these other techniques if you feel you need them. What we want you to aim for is the consciousness of inside, without the physical sensations. What is inside is also outside, but when you are conscious of the surfaces of the body, you have the idea that there is separateness. So when you can let that sensation of the surface of the body go, you will start to feel the universal oneness and the universal love that underlies everything. That spirit is not disturbed by what is happening on its surfaces. The surface may be disturbed, but if it can remember the underneath, you can then bring that love into play in your life. The real benefits of meditation become apparent in your etheric body, that body that you still have after you have discarded the gross physical body. This etheric body still has form as long as you want it to have form, but it is finer than your physical body and so you have a greater degree of this feeling of oneness. You understand that at the moment I am talking about the normal person, there are people who come over here with problems and they will not have this sensation straight away. I am talking about the normal person passing over in the normal way. And if you have been able to make this contact while you have been in the physical world, you will be able to make this contact when in your etheric body much greater. Because the etheric body is much finer, because it does not need food or sleep, because it doesn't get sick or malfunction, it is so much easier to forget about it, when you want to.

We have told you before, that when you come on this side there are many activities for you to indulge in, and people just come and go into those activities as they wish, as they need. And one of those activities is meditation. Always, at any one time, there are spirit here who are meditating, who are contacting the underlying spirit and bringing it through to operate in the Spirit World, they are increasing its influence there. It is not always the same souls, souls will come together just as they do in your world, because as the pattern is in the Spirit World, the pattern can also manifest in the material world. The groups form and they dissolve again. As they dissolve another group will form. Sometimes it is the individual members coming and going, and sometimes it is the whole group. It all depends. This manifestation of love is needed in some areas of the Spirit World just as much as it is needed in your material world. When these groups are meditating, they can bring the greater surge of love and peace to those who need it, and those who are ready and open to it can often really start making progress in the Spirit World. And then there is another level in the Spirit World where meditation is virtually the main practice. The souls there meditate much longer and with much greater intensity than the souls in the other areas. I am using the word 'are' because I am trying to avoid the implication that there are levels to move through. As we have said, and we apologise for having to repeat, there is no direction in the Spirit World - there is no higher, no lower. So I am using the word 'are' in an effort to get away from any sense or implication of direction. In this area, meditation is not just the static process which you usually think of in the material world and which is the greater manifestation of it in the Spirit World. At this level is becoming active. It is the greater manifestation of the underlying Godness. It is more joyful, there is a certain movement with it. There is even, at times, a sort of manifestation, but it is not material objects that manifest, it is colours, and it is sounds, and it is sensation. In the Spirit World spirits, at times, become aware of sounds and colours, they are the spirits who are beginning to shed the material manifestation and to move on. So they are becoming aware of this manifestation from this other area. I think some of you are envisaging it as high levels, it is difficult for you to get away from it. They are beginning to respond to it and to be attracted to it. At first it will be faint and intermittent, and then it develops and grows within them. In your concept you would say that it takes a long time. We have no way of conveying this process to you without conjuring up impressions in your mind of time, but as you know, on this side there is no time. And, at last, the soul can experience that joyous upwelling of the Godness. Descriptions of the bliss which you have been given in the material world are but pale comparisons to this bliss and joy. If only I could describe it to you. It is far greater than any of the bliss which you can experience through meditation in your material world, because this is the point at which you are merging with the Godness, becoming, is increasing. If one tenth of this bliss could be experienced by your material world it would burst for very joy. And I promise you this, everyone of you, will experience it. Everyone of you is a divine spark of the Godness, and there is that potential within you.

The physical body cannot - rather I should say, the souls in a physical body - cannot vibrate at the requisite speed in order to be able to experience this. This is why the experience of death can be so very uplifting and releasing. You always talk about your soul being released, but also the cells of your body are being released. They have been working for you very faithfully, you know your body is not the solid that it seems to you. And each cell has been doing its own work, and has some degree of consciousness, and when those cells break down, that, too, is released. Think of the evolution which even the individual cells of matter go through. No-body ever thinks bout them, do they?

But there is a type of consciousness there. You are a microcosm of that tree of which we talk about so often. Just as there are many parts making up that tree, so there are many parts making up your bodies, and they, too, contain energy. And they too have their manifestation at some level of the Spirit World, and the, too, will evolve. You know in the trunk of a tree are many fibres, there are many channels for the sap to rise and fall. There are different types of fibre, fibres in the centre are different to the fibres in the outer edges, and the very outside fibres are different again. And this how it is with life. We have the consciousness of man, we have the consciousness of animals, we have the consciousness of plants, and of the rocks and soil, and of cells too. It all mixes to form this trunk, which we have told you is the Godness. And many will say that I am raving like a madman.

if you cannot grasp the meaning of my words, try to get the feeling. Don't intellectualise it up here (pointing to my head), try to feel it down here (pointing to my heart).

We would like, with your permission, to spend a few moments in the meditation state. We invite you to join with us.

(After a few moments of meditation Wung-Lo left quietly. When it was obvious that everyone had finished meditation I suggested that as he had left without the usual question session Wung-Lo wanted the group to join in some general discussion.)

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