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Verna answering Questions.


Picture a silver circle around us, protective fence, and whatever form your contact may take, think now of your guides and helpers. Welcome them. Ask them to introduce themselves to you. Ask that each one of them give you a sensation which will be the key to knowing that they are there. Feel the love that they bring you. Receive it, and give love back. Feel this little cocoon, this safety, this love, receiving and given. Ask them, if it is appropriate, to tell you what your task is. You may not get the answers to these questions for quite a while. You may have to wait a day or two. On the other hand your guides may not want to tell you - you will have to accept that. Ask them if they have any guidance or advice to give you, something that will help you in your task. Thank them for any information that they have given, but stay receptive to them.

Think of a light in the centre of your forehead, it is going round and round your head. And now it is going down your body, moving round and round, and it is leaving a trail of golden light as it moves down your body. It's something like the bandage on an Egyptian mummy but it's not confining the way they were. When it reaches your feet it's going to move back up your body, still circling, and let it go down and up. This is your protective cocoon. Now, this golden light has developed to a thickness of three or four inches from your body (seven to ten cm. if you insist).

(At this point the voice changed tone. Seemingly an entity has taken over.)

And now there is an energy radiating from your body to the edge of that golden light, and back again. So there is a vibration set up. This will strengthen your aura. It will be a good exercise for you to practice each night before you go to bed. it is a protective exercise and a strengthening exercise.

During the day should you meet someone who, for some reason, makes you feel tired or drained of energy, picture this golden light around you and that vibration from your body to the edge of the golden light. It will strengthen your aura so that you are protected from the vibrations of the auras of other people. You can also picture the light or the energy, whatever you wish to term it, entering your body at some point - the point which we usually use with this medium is the top of the head - and down the spine and hence out into all parts of the body. Other people wish to use the solar plexus or the heart centre, it does not matter, as long as you then direct the light to the spine, up and down, and hence out into the body and into every cell of the body. This will provide your body with more energy.

For the purpose of bringing mental calmness, we recommend that you concentrate at the top of the head, the thousand petalled lotus, and think of the energy flowing down over your body like a veil would. This will have the effect of smoothing the aura which may have become somewhat excited. In such conditions the aura does not have the smooth firm shape. It will be here and there, without a clear outline. if you wish for mental brilliance, concentrate on the brain itself, and this time draw the energy in, again through the top of the head, circle it round your brain. Picture it permeating through your brain. This will specifically charge your brain cells especially if you have been using that organ for a while, and it is tired.

Similarly, if you wish to improve the skill in some other part of the body, bring in the light and direct it to that part of the body. your hands for instance. perhaps you want some special skill, perhaps you have some special skill and you want it just that bit better, that extra inspiration - try this.

Do you have to do much walking or standing? Then direct the energy to your legs and feet. To which ever part of your body needs some extra assistance. And, of course, you can do the same if part of your body is not working properly. In that case you could even enhance the effect by holding your hands over the part that is not working properly. you may hold your hands a little way from the body or you may actually touch the body, whichever you prefer. never think that there is only one way of doing things. Select that which feels right for you.

(During a pause the entity left and Verna came through.) I don't know how to tell you what has been going on. As we keep telling you, we have so many different concepts on our side which are difficult to get across to you. But there are some of you who we hope we will be able to usher on to the path, and we wish to repeat that, at this stage, you should not do anything to force it. Let it go very, very, gently, because if you try to force things you can burn yourself out, or you can become, as we have said in the past, like a 'hot house' flower which will keel over at the slightest thing. The gentleman whom you saw during the meditation (some of the sitters had earlier reported seeing a man at the side of the circle) in the cloak has visited this circle quite frequently. He just comes to visit and to lend a little extra energy. He is a visitor and we can call him Maskel. he is attached to a circle, but in the Spirit World. He just comes along. We did invite him tonight because we wanted to have a closer look at some of you sitters here. We really feel a bit excited at some of the talent we have here, but take it gently. Be very firm and strong in yourselves. in fact, having that centered self-confidence is a very necessary attribute if you are to do useful work for us in the material world.

I don't know if you recognised the gentleman who spoke at first. He was our old friend, Wung-Lo, the Tibetan, and he, too, was helping with the vibrations and the energy in the circle.

Now, we would like to stress that if any of you have any sensations or experiences during the week, do get in touch with the medium and, we repeat, make sure it is under your control.

Now, does anybody have any questions in particular which you would like to ask?

Pat: Verna, talking about energy, why do I get the 'shakes' when I sit in circles?

Verna: It is your response to the energy. It means that you are a sensitive. You are an energy builder and it is the passage of the energy through you.

Pat: I have been told that my chakras are not evenly energised, what should I do to remedy this?

Verna: Draw energy in through the top of your head, take it down the spine, and up. Just take it up and down.

Pat: Like a fountain?

Verna: No, but just up and down the spine. We personally do not attach great importance to that, but since this has been suggested to you, that would equalise the energy through the chakras.

Eva: If we do the exercise that was given earlier at home, do we have to close ourselves down after that?

Verna: No. It is in itself one of the protective things to do, because you are only taking the energy the depth of the aura and that will, of itself, strengthen the aura.

Eva: What would happen to those who have to be on medication? All that shows in the aura and would be weakening it, although you are strengthening it.

Verna: You mean that taking the drugs will weaken the aura? This will help to strengthen it and to counteract the effect on the aura of the drugs.

Eva: Does it mean that the drugs would not work?

Verna: No. Because the drugs are working mainly on just the physical body. As you know, the physical body affects the aura, and the aura affects the physical body, it is an interaction. This is why the effect is in the aura, but by healing the physical body then the aura itself will return to normal.

Eva: If we can realise the energy going up and down the spine and heal ourselves, can we do the same thing to heal other people?

Verna: Yes.

Eva: If someone has a broken arm, say, we can visualise energy going from head and spine to the arm and heal it that way?

Verna: That is correct.

Eva: Would it be just as strong and effective as when I heal myself?

Verna: It wouldn't be quite as strong as if you could actually put your hand on the arm or within two or three inches.

Eva: So just the visualisation is not just as strong?

Verna: It is not so strong as doing it physically, but it does help. You would probably have to do it for a longer period to achieve the same results. This is the way that the prayers in the churches work, if you accompany it with the correct visualisation.

Georgina: Can you tell us about thought forms? I've been reading that if you imagine or visualise a place or a friend very intently, you will have a thought form with them, even if they may not be aware of it.

Verna: Oh dear. This is one of those concepts which are so difficult to give analogies. You are sending your thoughts to that person; they will receive those thoughts whether they are aware of them or not, and the more you do it the stronger that impression will be. They will sense a picture of you. It's like their aura being like one of your cinema screens, and you are projecting your image on to it. It is that kind of effect.

Georgina: If it is a friend, or somebody you dislike, they are going to become aware of it anyway, aren't they?

Verna: If they are sensitive enough they will pick it up. It depends on their degree of sensitivity how strongly it manifests. They may simply feel a bit uneasy in your presence, or it can range right the way up to realising what you are doing quite consciously. It depends how sensitive they are.

Eva: I had the experience of feeling a friend close by during meditation, and I felt being actually touched physically, was that a thought form?

Verna: Could be, if the person was thinking of you. If a person is asleep when you think of them you could attract their sleeping spirit to you and you can sense their presence that way. Or, if the person were sensitive enough to pick up your thoughts, they could have thought of you and so you would have the effect of the image being projected onto your aura. If you are very sensitive you will feel it quite strongly.

Pat: Can you tell us anything about the process of re-birthing?

Verna: First of all you must tell me what you mean by re-birthing.

Pat: I am not too sure, but I am led to believe that it is a way of freeing a karmic block from previous life experiences, facing it, understanding and dissolving it, therefore, freeing one to go on to other matters.

Verna: Well, what the medium tells us of HER understanding of re-birthing, we understand that it is a method of taking people into a trance or semi-trance state, so that if there are any of these knots from a previous life you can dissolve them. You can bring those conditions to the surface, perhaps talk them out, reason them out of discharge the emotion that is connected with them. In your waking consciousness you can repress those thoughts down, so that you may have effects and re-actions which you don't understand. It is only one of many such techniques. We are not too keen on going into past lives except if there is some sort of a block which is seriously affecting your present life. 'We' - being this group of spirits working with this medium and circle - we feel it is much better to be developing your own spirituality and sensitiveness rather than going into what has gone on in the past. We do not like the idea that someone might go to this re-birthing just to find out what their past lives, IF ANY, were, just out of curiosity. By all means do it if there seems to be something adverse influencing you from possible previous lives. You should also check out the credentials of the people doing it. Check out what sort of training they have had, whether they have had training in dealing with anyone who gets into difficulties as a result of the re-birthing experience.

Pat: What sort of difficulties might there be?

Verna: Well, if you have someone who hasn't a strong sense of 'self', who isn't really 'centered', and you put them into a trance or semi-trance state in a group setting, they could pick up either a stray spirit who happens to be there, or a mischievous spirit, or they may pick up somebody else's condition. It would be not very common and it is mainly, as I said, those people who haven't a strong sense of self, those who may have a weaker aura, who might get into this kind of difficulty. So always check out what training the people have had who are doing it, how experienced are they? Have they been through a supervised period? This sort of thing. We do not mean to specifically decry that, but anything where you are dealing with trance there is always a little element of that kind of thing happening so you should check out if they know what to do about it.

Stina: How often would it be advantageous to do the aura strengthening exercise that you gave? Once a day?

Verna: Once or twice a day, and you can do it any time that you feel that somebody is draining you of energy. It may be somebody in great difficulties who you are trying to help, or it may be one of those rare people who can actually take energy from you - very often they don't realise they are doing it. But if you are with somebody who makes you feel tired you can do that exercise. Another one is to simply picture the energy over you like a ball, or an egg-shell, whatever visualisation suits you. One thing will suit one person, another thing someone else. We try to give a variety of things.

Eva: Going back to re-birthing, what happens if a person has a dreadful experience in a previous life, and they hit on that experience as a 'block'? Could it actually drive them away from spiritualism?

Verna: It depends on their psychological build-up. The possibility does exist, naturally, because you have thought of it.

Eva: If that is the blockage, then you would bring it forward, would you? You would basically face the person up to it.

Verna: Yes.

Eva: Would they re-live those experiences, perhaps dying in a fire, or whatever? I look at blockages that can leave a permanent influence. In a previous life I feel that I died by drowning, and I accept that because I am terrified of water, and if I faced up to that experience again I would panic and be unable to handle it. But I know that consciously , if someone goes for re-birthing and they know something like 'I am terrified of water, what is it'. To clear the blockage they would have to go through the experience of drowning, and it might freak them out. I would be terrified and surely from that point of view it could have detrimental effects?

Verna: This is why we are saying that you should check out the credentials of the people doing this. Make sure that they know what to do if something does go wrong.

Eva: Could it actually kill you in the present life, if you actually re-lived that experiences that killed you before?

Verna: Well, you do not die until the time has come, so if you did die during one of those experiences it would be because that was the time, and even if you weren't doing that, something else would happen. Our main concern is that you don't start just focussing on past lives and being curious about them, and get side-tracked. But if there is some sort of a block it CAN help, but make sure that the person doing it knows what to do should something go wrong.

Eva: I would be too afraid knowing what might be released. That would be my main fear - not knowing what the block is.

Verna: Have you ever asked your parents whether anything has happened during your childhood in this life which may have made you afraid of water?

Eva: No, I've never asked, but I don't remember having any such experience.

Verna: It may be something that happened when you were quite young so you don't remember it. It is also possible for people to block out experiences.

Eva: I have always stayed away from water. Shallow water isn't any problem.

Verna: On the other hand, what is the attitude to water in the country where you grew up? Some countries like this one, have quite an emphasis on water and sunshine. If you grew up in a culture where swimming isn't a popular occupation, you may not have simply gained your confidence early enough. If you want to work through that block, if it is seriously affecting your life, then it would be better to seek something on a one-to-one basis, some other method. If it is seriously affecting you life - this is our attitude: that if something is seriously affecting your life, then investigate - first try to find out what has caused it by asking your parents or whoever grew up with you, whether they can remember anything in this life. If that does not work, then it might be worthwhile trying a past life, but don't go into past lives just out of curiosity. It is better to concentrate on your sensitivity and development that you have now.

Isia: Can you tell me anything about an organisation 'Kenja'?

Verna: We don't know it. We will try to find out.

Stina: Is there any way in which we can help you tonight?

Verna: Just by being here. The best thing you can do to help those of us on our side is to think of us with love, kindness. If you know someone who has passed over, try not to grieve about them, but send them loving thoughts. You know that each of you have guides around you and you also have helpers. you can talk to them if you wish, but not aloud if anyone else is around! You can discuss things with them, that will strengthen your link with them. But don't expect them to TELL you what to do in material things. You can ask for help, you can talk with them about the problem, but do not expect them to tell you exactly what to do. They may give you impressions of what your alternatives are, you may get an impression of what your alternatives are, you may get an impression of what will happen if you take one or the other alternative. But the final choice and decision is yours. There will always be someone around you, encouraging you, perhaps cheering you on if you have difficulties, or celebrating with you when something is going right. Do not have a set idea of what you would like your guides to do, because each group that comes with a medium or sensitive has a purpose. Now, that purpose, there may be more than one, they may have one purpose at one stage and it could develop on into something else later. And then some other aspect may develop. So if you start having some sort of psychic gift manifesting, don't be disappointed if it's not what you wanted, because nine times out of ten it won't be what you wanted. But what you wanted may develop later. It will depend on what your guides want to do, and your position in life, how settled it is. We personally like someone who is developing to have a good settled position in life, to be over the trauma of the teen-age years, to be over the difficulties of finding your position in life and perhaps of marrying, settling down, through your children's teen-age years and this sort of thing, just during that developing period. So the stage of life you are at will also have an effect on the particular gifts which you develop, and if there are changes, then it may be appropriate for something else to start coming through. So don't be too disappointed if the gift that manifests first isn't what you REALLY like to have, because if you do, you will probably block off the development of that gift. The main idea is to keep an open mind and keep that contact going with your guides and helpers. Perhaps I should differentiate those two a little more clearly. Guides are people who have progressed further on our side. They are USUALLY people who will not re-incarnate in the material world, unless there is a point at which they are going to come for a special purpose - avatar type. Now, helpers are USUALLY people who have know you during your material life or who are related to you. So you may perhaps have a great-aunt or a great-grandfather, or someone like that who may come to you as a helper. They are closer to the material world and remember more clearly than guides conditions in the material world. Always remember too, that your guides last incarnation may have been in a different society to yours, and so there may be a little bit of misunderstanding about conditions in your material life. Remember none of this is absolutely set, it is only 'mays' and 'perhaps' and all that sort of thing. But these are some of the things that usually happen or may happen. It is difficult to cover ALL situations.

Eva: Are the helpers helping the guides?

Verna: Helpers are helping YOU.

Eva: Through the guides?

Verna: No, through themselves. They are the ones who may try to give you an inspiration. They are the ones who will try to comfort you if you are unhappy about something. They too will channel energy to you. Perhaps if you are not very well, they will try to channel energy to you, something like that.

Eva: But the guides have a similar function too haven't they?

Verna: They are much more likely to be concerned with the spiritual development, although they will have some concern with the material world because, naturally, what happens there affects spiritual things, but spiritual things are their major concern.

If you will excuse me, we will bring tonight's proceedings to a close. Because we have been doing different things tonight with the different energies, and we do not wish to tire this medium too much, she has a lot to do tomorrow.

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