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This is one of two sessions devoted to Christmas messages during Advent, 1990.

Margaret McMurray.

I thought I had better come and talk to you tonight because next week will be your last official circle for the year and some of the other high and mighty ones are lining themselves up for that. So this is going to be the only chance I have to come and talk to you and to tell you about the wee ones.

Now, I've brought a few of the wee ones with me tonight to meet you and each one of you have got at least one of them with you. I promised them that if they were very very good then they would be allowed to sit on your lap or stand close to you. So I'm curious to know if anyone can feel them.

(For a few minutes there was talk with the sitters about which children they could feel about them. One child has passed as a result of cot death.)

The trouble with the wee ones is that when they come over here it is often as a result of a dramatic or traumatic way, because the wee ones were really meant to live in their bodies. So when a wee one comes over here it is as a result of something very specific. They don't just fade away as your elderly ones do. And we always think of the waste of life and what they could have done in the material plane. But I hope that you realise that there is still all that they can do on this side. They grow up quite rapidly. You see, this wee one that you have (gesturing to one of the sitters) - I don't really know, of course, how she is going to develop - but it could quite well be that this time next year she will be twelve years old. And so, by that stage, she will be beginning to take on the adult roles and will be moving out to do some definite helping work. It all speeds up so much over here.

Of course, there are some who want to stay as a child and so they do. It does not matter. Eventually they will be moving on too. In addition to these children (the ones with the sitters) there are some others. You may have felt them dancing around earlier on. I had to be quite firm with them and tell them to sit down and be quiet because you were meditating. But they are so excited to be coming to a circle. It is awfully difficult at times.

I left the very youngest ones at home - those who are not yet walking. I decided that tonight it would be best if I brought the ones who were at least nearly capable of moving around.

I am going to issue my usual request and ask you to invite them to join you at Christmas time. The children always like to join in the preparations for Christmas. And so if you could think of them while you are doing your preparing they would then be able to come. They pick up a lot of the thoughts and the vibrations. The feelings perhaps I should be saying not the thoughts, because the feelings, you see, project through your aura and those they can feel. And there are always such happy feelings at Christmas time. They always like to come for that, and they get caught up in the excitement and the busyness. Especially if you are doing some cooking, do invite them to come along. You see they can't really eat over here, although, I suppose you would call it, pretend to. But you don't really absorb food the way you do on the earth plane. All we need over here of course, is the light and the energy.

But for these who have only recently passed over you see, they are still used to the idea of the food. And so although they can't actually taste it, some of them, of course, remember the taste of the different foods, but still they like to see the preparations and feel that they are part of it.

In a year or so's time - in your time - they are beginning to let go of the material concepts and they begin to open up to the more abstract feelings of the Christmas time.

It doesn't matter if you are not in Canberra. You see, they can latch on to your vibrations. And, of course, they may bring some of their friends with them. You may finish up with quite a large houseful. Especially if you are in a house where there are some other little ones too. They always like to come to some of the young ones who are still in the material world because through them they can still experience the world. Very often they still have some curiosity about it and the sorts of things they would be doing next. Of course, the ones who are a little bit older still have some ideas of their own. They are planning ahead and that sort of thing. So they like to see what is going on. After a while they begin to loose their interest and to open up more to the things we do here in the Spirit World. Of course, you know it is not only at Christmas time that you can invite them along. They love to be invited if you go to the sea-side. You see, its so safe over here, and if they can go to the sea-side there is that added element of excitement. It is very daring to go in the material sea. Of course, it is still very safe for them, they can't possibly come to any harm, but still they like that feeling and remembrance of how daring it is to go on the edge of this great expanse of water. There is also a lot of other occasions they would like to be invited along too. Even a shopping trip can be fun for some of them. Especially those who have come from another culture. Because then it is doubly interesting because everything is so different. It helps to open them up, you see, so that they become aware of different things. Young children tend to think that their way of life is the only way of life there is, and so they tend to focus in on that. And when they discover that there are different ways of living, it broadens them up and helps to make them more flexible. That flexibility is always a useful thing to have here, because nothing really is as you would expect it, and if you expect something and it does not happen, you shut out such a wide range of experiences. Ay, and information too. So their experience of a different culture is part of their development. And now I shall say good-night to you and Merry Christmas.


Hail Caesar! Good evening to everyone.

It is sometime since I have been through to talk to you. This should not be interpreted that I have not been here. I have, on occasions, but I have also had some extra duties to do lately and this is why I have not been so communicative with you.

I have taken some interest in the difficulties in your world. I have been trying to give guidance to your leaders in the present difficulties. The situation there (in the Gulf - Kuwait) is still quite critical, it is still in the balance. It is still necessary for you to send to that part of the world (the Persian Gulf) your love and the golden light. We need those energies so that we can use them. We are trying to sort everything out before your holiday season. With your thoughts of love and good will, we may be able to manage it. But it is still in the balance and I make no promises at this stage. I also come to give each of you my gift for this time. When I was in your earth plane I was a general under Caesar Augustus and, at that time, there were many rumours about the saviour of the world who was coming. Alas, I did not live long enough to find out if those rumours were true or not. But this I can tell you, there is always a saviour in your world. The truth of it is, is that the saviour is in each one of you. But few of you realise it. The saviour is the drop of Godness that is your innermost being, your soul. And that drop of Godness, one day, will be freed from these material concerns. The Christ whose birth you commemorate at this time in your world, is an example of someone who knew the saviour within him and Spirit is constantly working to help those of you still in the material plane to realise, this and to realise the broader vision of the Spirit World. The truth of it is much broader and grander than you can grasp with your material brains, because while you are conscious in the physical body, everything is interpreted and apprehended through the physical brain.

It is during sleep that you can, shall we say, raise a blind and look through a window into Spirit. So many people when they leave the physical body when they come over here, they still bring with them material concepts. And it takes a while for those concepts to fade away. We are trying to bring you to the point where the physical concepts can be left behind. Where perhaps you won't even have physical concepts.

And now, I am going to give my gift to you. I am placing in front of each one of you a small ball of light and this ball of light acts like a mirror, when you look at it you can see yourself. (Speaking slowly and deliberately) You can see your Self. Look now. And look beyond your Self. See what is beyond that Self. (Pause of several minutes) Take that ball of golden light with you when you leave to night. It will guide you. I pray that it may help you on your path to wisdom. Farewell. Good-night.


We thought that somebody a bit quieter had better come through after Sertorius. I'm not going to stay very long. I just wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas. And I wanted to give you my gift too. I want to give each one of you a candle. But you are not going to light it yet. I want you to light it on Christmas Eve. Have a special meditation on Christmas Eve and light my candle. And then it will have a special light and a special colour for each one of you. And, to Guy we are going to give pink, and Sheila will have yellow. And Gina will have blue. Angie will have green. And Karl will have purple and Doreen will have white. Another thing I should explain to you, that the two people who are not here tonight, they are still going to get their gifts. So, will you try to remember to tell them what they are? We will give Pat a royal blue and Therese will have gold. You never know, you might get some other impressions from my candles too. I am not going to tell you what though, that's for you to find out.

And I want to assure you that in this holiday season your guides and helpers are going to be making a special effort to look after you. You see, in your world, whenever there is one of these big festivals coming up, the vibrations get stronger and so people tend to be more excitable. Tending to be a little more impatient when they are driving, things like that. You may notice that there is an increase in the number of your car accidents and this is getting to be a concern with us. So we are going to make an extra effort to try to guide you in this Christmas season.

Of course, you know that some of you are determined to have trouble anyway. And when I say 'you' I don't mean the people here, I am talking about people in general. Some people are just determined to go ahead and be reckless. So, before you drive out, always surround your vehicles with golden light. You see, your co-operating with us in this way makes it easier for us to contact you and give you guidance, should it be necessary. I am not really suggesting that it is going to be absolutely necessary in your case.

And so, I shall say good-night to you and wish you a Happy Christmas.

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