My main task tonight is to say 'thank you' to you all for your support during the year. We have had a disturbed year but we expect from now that things will settle down and we will be able to build on the foundation that has been laid this year. The success of much that we have been able to bring through has been due to those of you who come regularly and sit with us. We note that you have put some topics together on the list for us and we expect to get into that next year. You are at liberty to put down any topic you wish to have discussed at any time. As we have said to you before, if you don't keep up the supply of topics you will get what we are interested in and that might get a bit monotonous for you because our interests on this side lie in slightly different directions to the interest of those of you in the material world. From your point of view it might be a little one-sided perhaps. So we need input from you, just as you need output from us. We work best, we think, when there is a two-way interaction between the sitters and us and this is our way of inducing that interaction. We hope next year to also introduce more regular rescue circles and also more regular evenings for your own development, and we would remind those of you who have not yet done so, to bring some sort of notebook. We suggest one with a spiral backing because it opens and folds flat and is easiest to write on. You don't need a large one but don't bring a very small one, otherwise your writing will be cramped. This is our last circle for the year and I look around you and I see a definite solidifying or firming of the circle around you. There is now a much stronger link and the circle joining you up and it should be much easier in the future for us to link up with new people coming. Until now this has been a bit split up and fractionated, now it is forming quite strong links and firming. It is a golden one. I look at you and I can see that you have each developed and strengthened in your way.

(Some general comments to the sitters)

As this is the last circle in our own group, and the Christmas season is approaching, although its vibrations are not being fully felt in your world yet, we thought it appropriate to say a few words about the meaning of your festival, which you call Christmas. It was instituted in celebration of the man you call the Christ. We think that by now you have some understanding of what the Christ is, that level of consciousness which exists before the level of the union with the Godness. The man you call the Christ is a clear representation of that Christ consciousness centre. Christ consciousness is not the formal, set, name for it. We use this phrase with you because you call the founder of your dominant religion, The Christ, and he is a representative of that area. And so the title we use for that area comes from your world. Where another religion is dominant it would be called some variation but still being the concept that religion uses. It is a surface name rather than the set idea.

We hope that by now you understand that there are no set or formal ideas in the Spirit World, but what you experience here will be the result of your own set ideas and beliefs. Remember that after a while (I cannot say after a time because time does not exist here, neither does it in your world but that's another talk), after a while your set ideas and beliefs start to fade, and when that happens then you can progress into the higher realms of the Spirit World. But remember, as we keep reminding you, and we must make sure you do not forget, that there is really no higher or lower. We use this kind of phrase in order to get these concepts across to you.

It is really a concept we cannot put through to you while you are in your material world, because your logic keeps getting in the way. So please understand, when I talk in terms of direction, it is a poor way of attempting to explain what is happening. But you have these concepts and we will use them.

So the coming festival is in celebration of this man, who was a representative of the Christ consciousness. We are of the opinion that it doesn't really matter who he was. It doesn't really matter when he was born, or when he died. What matters is that there was such an Incarnation. What matters is that certain teachings were passed on to you.

The world has changed since then, and for many of you it is difficult to reconcile many of these teachings with the world as you now find yourselves in. For your protection we suggest that you follow your societies' traditions and customs, but that you always remember that this is a joke. The joke is that it is also immaterial. You are children playing with toys. Don't forget there is a University over here to which you will come.

Play the game, why not? You are put in your setting for certain reasons known only to your inner selves. Those reasons may come into your conscious mind but usually they do not. So do not worry about it, but play your game to the best of your ability and in the way that you think fit. It does not matter, we think, whether the festival of the Christ falls on the correct date or not. What matters is that you celebrate that incarnation. What matters is that for a short time there is good will on earth. That good will is a reflection of the good will that you will experience over here if your mind and hearts are open to it. If you come here with set ideas of what is over this side, if you come here with set ideas of how virtuous you have been, with how right you have been, that your religion is the only true religion, and similar set ideas, you will not feel that good will. In order to feel that good will, you have to give it. And if you have set and rigid ideas about right and wrong you are not giving good-will, and therefore, you will not receive or feel it.

So the institution of your Christmas is to remind you of that good will, and we understand you have your traditions of giving presents and you are so busy because the shops will be closed and you must stock up with food and you must get everything organised and it is a lot of work. And so often, and so often, the real meaning and purpose underneath gets forgotten. We, too, grieve about this, but there is a still that feeling of good-will and so the purpose of Christmas is still not fully lost.

We appeal to you, through all the busy-ness of the coming season, and the excitement and the worries and activities, try to keep a little centre within you. Try to keep that centre of calmness that is carrying the good-will about with it all the time. In this way you can pass on to others what you have gained. You do not do it in words or openly. But others will benefit from you just by being near you. Adopt a joyousness to life. Welcome life and its challenges, and its fears and its worries. We cannot promise you an easy life when you come into this philosophy. Many people expect that because they adopt a certain religion their life will, in future, be all smooth and flowing and happy and light. Such a life would miss an opportunity for growth and development, for strengthening you. Life is challenge. Go out and meet it.

I will bid you good night. Please bear with us for a few moments. (There was a pause for a few moments, then Verna came through.)


I remember the festival of lights at Christmas time, candles, and I hope tonight to place a lighted candle over each one of you. You, in this circle, are candles at Christmas time.

I have come with a prayer that the candles I have lit within you will glow throughout the coming year. They will give you the guidance and the love and all the rest. And, as the year passes, may it burn brighter and not burn lower. They are eternal candles and can burn as long as you wish to feel the light burning within you. We have a different approach from our friend who was here just now (Ah-So), what we are calling the candle is what he was calling the centre of calmness within you. My picture of a candle burning steadily in a still room, shedding its light around.

Candles are especially associated with Christmas, although these days you have a different type of candle which doesn't flicker and makes light still (electric candles). But the candles I have lit will burn as steadily and gently. Remember the candle in your heart as often as you can.

You may feel your candle is really extinguished when your material concerns are dominating, or perhaps if you have slipped behind the aims you made. But I promise you, the spark will always be there and when you regain your composure, you only have to think of my candle and it will flare up again, as bright as ever.

Never revile yourself if you feel you have slipped. You are earthly, you are not ideal. If you were perfect you would not be alive in your world. Accept yourself. Remember, you, too, are an incarnation of the Godness. Only you do not know it. When I use the word 'know' I mean that sure certainty within. We can tell you about this and you will know what we mean. But when the sure certainty burns with you, then you will be capable of many things you do not dream to bring about. We hope that through our meetings you are gaining some of this, at least a small understanding about your world and the Spirit World. We hope that you will not be afraid when you come to join us. We hope you will not be hidebound with many set ideas as many people are when they come over here, because, whatever conception you have, you will find it is different.

My peace and blessings be left with you.

(Verna left and then Sertorius came through.)


This is the first time that we have brought through more than one person (in an evening). It is a sign that we are strengthening links and we are becoming more competent.

In some ways your festival of Christmas is similar to some of the festivals that we had, in terms of eating and drinking and so on. We had some good times and there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy yourselves at your festival either. I do not decry that. But you have the added dimension of love and good-will to one another. What a pity it cannot be there all year round.


I'm just remembering, forgive me. We had some good old times. Your festival can be viewed in two - not parts - there are two approaches to it. There is the spiritual one and there is the material one. We have stressed frequently during the year that you need a balanced life. You need to look after the material aspects and you need to look after the spiritual aspects, one should not be sacrificed to the other. But where the expression of the spiritual may be making your material life, not so much dangerous, but perhaps a little hindering it, when it perhaps may expose you to ridicule or other negative emotions, then we do recommend that you keep it quiet, keep the two (aspects of life) a little bit apart. Do not let negativity be hurled at your candle or your calmness. If you cannot avoid certain people, keep quiet about your beliefs. But also seek out those people with whom you can share. You must take care of yourselves, but in doing so do not harm others. Sometimes you need to walk a razor's edge in this. It can be a very narrow edge. You really need the scales of justice on your side to be able to judge at times, where the priorities lie. Sometimes it may be the other person's priorities are greater than yours, and sometimes it may be yours. Try always to look at the whole scene to make a balanced decision.

Balance is important in your lives. While you are in the material world, balance one against the other. And also when you join us over here you will still find a balance to be held, the balance between helping your loved ones and your own progress here. As the non-existent time passes, for want of a better phrase for it, the material world will slip away and you will go on to the further reaches of the Spirit World. But while there is material and spiritual (aspects) you must keep the balance in your life. If you are to develop a gift, you will be placed in circumstances that will allow you to express it. Until you are in those circumstances be patient. Do not rush or force things, the plan is there. It may be that you will develop that gift only when you come to this side. Because you have a certain gift, it does not necessarily mean that it will be developed in your world. There are many expressions and eternity is a long time. Even though it doesn't exist. We must constantly remind you of that and you may get tired of hearing this reminder. You may say we know that, we've heard it, we've heard it. But if we do not keep on bringing it up and reminding you, there will still be the tendency to slip back into that way of thinking. This is why we will keep on reminding you as we are using these phrases because they are concepts you can understand.

You see, my talk tonight was more on the material aspects, to provide balance against my previous colleagues. But consideration must be given for one and for the other, and that includes your Self. My friends, I will leave you and my gift to you is strength. You need strength when you come into this philosophy and I pray that you will always have it to call on. And having strength does not necessarily mean that you have to fight or dominate. Sometimes it is the strongest person who can back down.

And so I leave you with this gift of strength, and remember, no matter what happens, ultimately you will always be safe, even if the physical body is destroyed. You, the real you within, will always be safe. Good-night.

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